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Started by rory, June 25, 2014, 08:54:23 AM

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hey, I used to be on here yearrrs ago.
hi again.


Name: Kyle!

Username Meaning: It's my name spelled out phonetically (k - y - l - e); I'm very creative. Though since learning the IPA I feel like I could do better.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: M/his/whatever

What You Do: Being a college student with highfalutin dreams bound to be crushed eventually

Favorite Music: I like that folk punk and twinkly emo stuff but Hop Along is probably the best band in the world.

Likes: Reading, writing, playing music

Pet Peeves: Failures in empathy

Social Media: / /


Nice to meet you all!


Name: Joey

Username Meaning: me

Location: Asheville, NC

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: no preference

What You Do: my work changes a lot. I play bass and live in a queer communal house.

Favorite Music: Phil ochs, punk in general, sludgy stuff.

Likes: People who are willing to play shows in my crawl space.

Pet Peeves: running mics through pedals.

Social Media: just email me

Photo: thats a lot of work.


Yay, Asheville! I miss Asheville. I'd move back in a heartbeat if there were jobs within my field.


Quote from: joey on February 28, 2015, 10:41:13 AM
Favorite Music: Phil ochs, punk in general, sludgy stuff.

Need more people to up the Ochs.


Name: MiKE

Username Meaning: Jeff Jeffington, Just Thought It Was Cool Using The First Name In Both First And Last Name...



What You Do: I Like To Try And Have As Much Fun As Possible.

Favorite Music: Various

Likes: Friendship, Trust, Photography, Art

Pet Peeves: The Ticking Sound Of The Oven On Ignite

Social Media:



Name: smokii toxic

Username Meaning: its my nickname

Location: providence, RI



What You Do:i am from brooklyn i lived in knoxville, TN for a while i was housing train kids out there now im in RI trying to stay alive

Favorite Music :lots of folk punk like pat the bunny, days n daze, 37 cents, mischief brew, ghost mice, asking for it, rail yard ghosts, etc

Pet Peeves:people that hate peanut butter? im not sure....

Social Media:


Soda Jerk

Used to be on here years ago. Hello again.

Name: Joe

Username Meaning: Buffalo Tom. I also like Soda.

Location: The north of Scotland, though born in the north of England.

Age: 28

Gender/Pronouns: Man. Organ bank.

What You Do: Private Sector Housing Officer, aka laying the smackdown on cunty landlords.

Favorite Music: Thrash Metal.

Likes: Sitcoms. Coffee. Cycling. Football (The kicking football, not the throwing and catching football)

Pet Peeves: Sunburn. Sleeping. Peas.

Social Media: is intrusive and weird.

Photo: No.



Name: Michael

Username Meaning: It was a nickname I had when I originally joined the board, (in December 2002!) no one IRL has called me that in a long time

Location: Bloomington, IN

Age: 29

Gender/Pronouns: He

What You Do: I design synthesizer modules for DIYers (, play in bands, do acting/theatre stuff

Favorite Music: I like listening to classic rock, but I like going to shows for punk and hardcore and stuff like that.

Likes: Coffee, computer games, standup comedy, podcasts, drinking

Pet Peeves: just people being louder than they need to be

Social Media: Yes


Name: bort

Username Meaning: "My son is also named Bort!"

Location: Sarasota, Fl.

Age: 27

Gender/Pronouns: He

What You Do: Journalist

Favorite Music: Morrissey and the Mountain Goats

Likes: The Plan-it-X board!

Pet Peeves: Being away from the Plan-it-X board for so long.



Name: Roger Dafremen

Username Meaning: When I was 12 - 15 I was really into Dune. My original online name back around 1981 (BBS's, DDial) was Roger The Fremen. I started signing things "Da Fremen."  Soon it was dafremen. People started calling me daf and daffy and it's stuck ever since.

Location: Detroit

Age: I'm an immortal being currently residing in a wrinkled, gravity-battered meat puppet. (It's not as delicious as it sounds..even with slaw.) I'm hoping for a refurb come next lifetime.

Gender/Pronouns: male/he,hey!(you,dumbass,dipshit,dude,bro,daf etc.)

What You Do: I'm semi retired. That means after spending the adopted half of my childhood being plugged in and conditioned for "success", I stood up in the middle of my $42/hour engineering job at Caterpillar, saw nothing but a half mile of cubicles and fluorescent lights, recalled the movie Brazil and thought, "What the fuck am I doing here? I don't belong here." I gave my notice that day and told my wife. She left a couple of years after the money dried up. (The universe really had my back on that one.) Now I do odd jobs, write, grow weed and make music with a girl I love to death.

Favorite Music: I really hate this question. I grew up listening to early rap and speed/heavy metal, but prefer upbeat folk stuff these days. Here are some examples:

Likes: Words, words, words, Quake2, riding my 49cc bike, home brewing, growing..well anything, but mostly dope, fixing things on the cheap, inventing things out of junk, music, music, music and more music.

Pet Peeves: Being asked what my favorite song/band/music is. Manipulative people (Especially the people who get mad at you when you call them out on it. Mad at a brother because he didn't fall for your shit? Really? Note to self: WTF?!) On that note: People who smile while they exploit you and pretend like you're the asshole for calling them on their draining ways. Bullshitters. (When I say bullshitters, I distinguish them from tall tale tellers and people who are jut having fun with words. If there's no gain in it other than entertainment, then it's not really bullshit. It's theater.) Mean-spirited jokes. Overly dependent people. Ingrates. Judgmental people who don't know they're judgmental and the fact that I am one. The fact that I can't seem to stop talking. Even when I strained my chords. (They still haven't healed completely because it's so bad.)

Social Media: (I'm too old to know how to twitter, but I do have a telegraph in the kitchen if you want to keep me posted.)

(As a result of seeing smokii's photo, I'm currently sanding down the 4 foot pencil I keep by the door for emergency defense and writing "COP CLUBBER" on it in sharpie. Well played. Will post photos.)

Thanks for reading all of that.


Shit. Everyone left.
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Name: zach

Username Meaning: nickname since middle school. is related to my last name.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: Male

What You Do: Working on a PHD in plasma physics.

Favorite Music: Swans, Max Levine, Cloak/Dagger, Grinderman (or anything Nick Cave touches for that matter), Good Luck

Likes: Bicycles, Linux, books.

Pet Peeves: Unnecessarily loud people. People who walk slowly in my way while texting and not paying attention.

Social Media: I guess this counts:

Photo: Grinning like a bastard at the beach in Lincoln CIty, OR after riding there from Yorktown, VA:


I used to be on here years ago, weird that it's been that long. I miss this place. I forget what my username was back then.

What You Do: Working a crap job to save up to move to...I don't know where yet. 

Favorite Music: Random things, lately Spoonboy, the Hive Dwellers, Aislers Set.

Likes: Biking, learning to play guitar, messing around with my microbrute.

Pet Peeves: Texting.

Social Media: No.


um hellOOO!

Name: Vicky

Username Meaning: It me

Location: Olympia

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: Girl she/her

What You Do: Play in bands, work too much, watch tv

Favorite Music: hip hop, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy, etc

Likes: Rollin w/ my homies :)

Pet Peeves: Not rollin w/ my homies >:(

Social Media: ig: vickycassis

I don't remember how computers/message boards work??


welcome Vicky! and a very belated welcome back Edith!

Quote from: tinybitsofheart on August 01, 2014, 06:53:17 AM
kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


Hello! Welcome. I'm not used to new people posting. It's a bit of a ghost town anymore but there is still a lot of good people on here.
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin



i was all up on this board like 10 yrs ago. my name was nutkicker and then it was everythingissexist.
hi. i don't smell well

i cant stop listeing to this dumb song
diet cig - harvard

i was looking for the sissies on youtube.
remembered all the pix shit's on bandcamp. it's so good

also i remembered when anna karinna was an alternate screenname of one guy that got motherfucked off this board years ago. now he's one of the only posters. that's dope <3


Did that happen? ^ I thought Brett just changed it from terrific boners and... big bear? something like that. What happened to DS13punk and Captain Sparrow and everyone else that got bounced?

Quote from: tinybitsofheart on August 01, 2014, 06:53:17 AM
kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


the only time i remember brett getting banned was after he had already changed his name to and it was like for a week or something
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hi!  i was here like five or so years back?  tried to log into my old account but i guess it was deleted, oh well. 

Name: dan

Username Meaning: it's my name

Location: minnesota

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: male/masc

What You Do: not much

Favorite Music: punk and rap and woody guthrie

Likes: not much

Pet Peeves: so much

Social Media: no thanks


Not the one with the arms, the professional wizard with the thumbs.


I had completely forgottenorgot that Brett was kind of a board villain for awhile! Ha!