Introduce Yourself Thread

Started by rory, June 25, 2014, 08:54:23 AM

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Hi, I was here like 10 years ago until...i guess when the site died or whatever.
same username. I think Bretts the only one who hated me. something about my pink hair then?

Name:Mari Vanda

Username Meaning:Always enjoyed a friend endearingly calling me kid.

Location:Atlanta, GA


Gender/Pronouns:female/she, her, dude, lady, bud, friend,kiddo

What You Do badly: tattoo, paint,

Favorite Music: blink-182, brand new, neil young, the band, bruce springsteen, hank williams, waylon,john prine, colter wall, tyler childers, baroness, behemoth and stuff. still love most all the ol pix bands. and anything you find embarrassing, i probably still love.

Likes: driving with the windows down in winter with the heat on full blast. sleeping. old vehicles. watertowers. abandoned stuff. climbing high in hopes my fear of heights someday abandons me. romantic dramas. road trips.

Pet Peeves: over apologizing. folks who think backseat drivers are attacking their ego (im just protecting our lives). putting others down for your insecurities.

Social Media: insta: @thermofacts