r.i.p. erik petersen of mischief brew

Started by pronetoaccidents, July 15, 2016, 12:21:39 PM

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sing loud and strong in your new celestial abode.
very sad.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.



i edited the post to correct the spelling of his name in the subject.

Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


Do today what you wanted to do yesterday because tomorrow may not come.


Ugh :(

Mischief Brew will always make me think of Summer 2007



This is such a shock, and so hard to process.  I just sent Denise an email, because I can't even imagine what she'd be going through right now.  He was such a respected member of the punk community and one of my first favorite punk artists.  He will definitely be missed.

May all we do be all for our delight.   RIP Erik.




I'm feeling this so hard. Erik was such a talented person, and I was straight up obsessed with his music for some seriously formative times in my life. His writing was just a cut above while not also then taking on a self-conscious position in punk.

Thanks for making me think big thoughts about friends, community and creative efforts, Erik.
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Is there something we can do for his wife?




been listening to the tape i put out for him like 7 years ago on repeat today. such a weird feeling. hope he is resting in pugs




Quote from: kw on July 15, 2016, 06:34:42 PM
been listening to the tape i put out for him like 7 years ago on repeat today. such a weird feeling. hope he is resting in pugs

It is weird.
Been listening to a lot of EP/MB live sets - "bootlegs" if one will - etc.
But I started listening weeks ago, so I'm already in this kick and boom.
That's it. No new flavors.
Really still hasn't sunk in I guess.
But I did find this: 64 songs on the playlist.


was confirmed as a suicide. so senseless. so sad. he had a twitter account just for cute things his wife said that made him smile. now shes alone probably wondering what she could of done different.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


Official statement:

QuoteWe are heartbroken to confirm the sudden passing of Mischief Brew songwriter and frontperson Erik Petersen. While respecting his family's privacy during this difficult time, we are comforted knowing that family, friends and fans alike will remember and celebrate the art he gave us all.

We will be sharing the details about a public memorial to be announced throughout the next few weeks.

Now a bit of housekeeping...
Mischief Brew's European tour scheduled to begin later this month has been cancelled. Although Mischief Brew will not be performing, some of the shows are still happening, so check with your local promoters.

Fistolo Records, the independent label founded by Erik and Denise Vertucci--his wife of 11 years--will continue to serve as homebase for most of Petersen's releases. In keeping with the legacy started by Erik and Denise, Fistolo will continue to release music from Mischief Brew and other artists of their community.

All of us touched by Erik and his music will continue to cherish the influence of his songs in our lives, and our memories of an individual synonymous with positivity, solidarity, community and passion.

Denise, Shawn, Chris, and the pugs.


I've been so numb since hearing about this Friday. It's taken me a few days to collect myself enough to write something in this thread. Erik's music taught me and challenged me as a musician and a person more than anyone else. I just saw him in May play at a memorial show for one of his friends and we talked about gripping with mortality. I reminded him what the lyrics to Punx Win! are after stumbling on the last song of the night. The last thing he said before going off stage was to "See the bands you want to see as many times as you can, and take as many pictures as you can of you and your friends. Even if they're just stupid photos of you all drunk and you think they aren't worth it. Take them. They are worth it."

I don't mean to be morose or crass with that story but that piece of advice was important to me, especially because I hate being in pictures. It reminded me about how so many things seem so little but when you add them all up it means so much more.

Erik was dedicated to community, and was always quick with a hug and a handshake.
His music and his friendship were both so important to me. I wouldn't be who I am without those two things. I feel awful for Denise, Shawn, Chris, Doc, Drew, the pugs, and all of his friends and family.
I hope there's more than wine in the "Great By-and-by."


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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


RIP, man. Sending my condolences to the family, pups, and friends of Erik.  :'(


I honestly haven't listened to Mischief Brew but from what I read, Eirk Petersen was a well liked and influential person who made music that touched a lot of people. It's always so sad when this happens. I was listening to Tony Sly's solo stuff and was thinking it is such a shame. Some of the music was so depressing and expressed such hopelessness that I can't help but wonder how no one close to him knew how much he was hurting inside. I don't know enough about Erik's music to know whether or not there were signs of deep depression, I just wish that he could have gotten the support he needed. I feel so bad for his family because I know what they're going through to an extent and hope they are getting support from loved ones.

EDIT: I havd checked out several songs and they're great. It makes me feel bad that I didn't listen to his music until after his death.
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