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General / there a wayback link to the tabs page?
August 21, 2019, 04:58:01 AM
i'm deeply concerned that i will never be able to play one reason songs ever again because i am truly too dense to figure out chords on my own

Pcola was my first real punk stomping grounds around this time. I was never superfriends with most people but I dated a 309er, went to the shows, rode around the city, went to the scant protests and learned about vegan food and diy and anarchism. The Pcola punk scene probably ruined my life and I thank the void every day for that. I also would eventually do all this other places with other people in this scene, making the breakdown of things later very very upsetting and difficult. But this isn't about that-, this is just a bittersweet article that does not get into scene drama, just living and changing and taking the good with the bad.
I tried but it just doesn't work without the music, which is dead on a hard drive in a landfill somewhere
i have forgotten eight old accounts so here i am again because i thought yall would get a kick out of hearing it. i was trying to say that we didnt hate crustie folkies in response to that accusation and ended up in an argument where they could not understand I wasn't conflating hating crusties with hating a specific group of people that shit on the playground slide in 2006 (which i was around for, natch). i never thought i'd have to discuss that again but everything old is new again, thats a saying, right?!