i just got into an argument about the shit slide.

Started by thetrashisright, May 14, 2018, 01:33:47 PM

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i have forgotten eight old accounts so here i am again because i thought yall would get a kick out of hearing it. i was trying to say that we didnt hate crustie folkies in response to that accusation and ended up in an argument where they could not understand I wasn't conflating hating crusties with hating a specific group of people that shit on the playground slide in 2006 (which i was around for, natch). i never thought i'd have to discuss that again but everything old is new again, thats a saying, right?!


2006 must have been a fashionable year for jerks to reinstate themselves as counterculture.  I went to a meeting to organize a protest around then, and everyone told me that creating a lobbying group to paper jam a process was dumb and wouldn't work, and they decided to chain themselves to trees.   After the meeting was over some of them took an entire box of new chalk (that was provided by the meeting space) and shattered each piece against the wall and laughed the whole time. 

I didn't participate with them after that, and a few months later I saw flyers around town asking for donations from their community to bail them out of jail after they got arrested for chaining themselves to trees.


Im all for physical obstruction but something tells me the people smashing chalk in a free space aren't the ones I want to do it with