I made a god damned band camp thing, finally

Started by Rymodee, August 02, 2016, 11:17:51 PM

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I made a bandcamp page, but as you might know, i'm like a grandfather when it comes to internet stuff, so it's sparse. I put a few "albums" on there. My actual full length LP, demos from This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb (those are sparse, I'll have to revive some cassettes for more) Zippers To Nowhere, my new band Squishers, Fort Bragg Ratshit Bros. (Schrodingers Crap), Very Very Sneaky (from Chattanooga). Trigger Mortis (horror punk) and a bunch of random covers of Motorhead and Sexy and Yoko Ono and KISS. I hope all is well with you and yours. Take it easy, y'all.



Awesome, something to listen to at work today. THANKS



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Awesome.  Looking forward to grabbing all of this music!  Any chance of putting the out of print This Bike is a Pipe Bomb music on there?  I always thought it was depressing that not only is this music out of print but it can't be found at all without downloading illegally or somebody on ebay making a huge profit.  Dance Party With... is a classic album that the kids today should be listening to it while they grow up.  I'd love a chance to purchase those old EPs and 7"s too!