okay, everyone's doing it. how about the best hilary/bernie memes?

Started by pronetoaccidents, February 03, 2016, 07:39:43 AM

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Though lovers be lost love shall not.


The jokes have nothing to do with her being female. They have everything to do with her jumping on band wagons of what's cool and trying to fit in with everyone. While I agree with the underlying message of the article, I don't agree with it's implications to this situation. 

edit: I didn't read the meme posted in this thread, before commenting, I just read the article. So my statement doesn't apply as well to this meme, but more to others I have seen and FB groups I have noticed popping up over the last few months. This meme is debatable, but I'm still not overly convinced.


I feel similarly. I definitely get that the point is to show that by comparison Hillary is corny and shallow, and I don't think the meme is inherently bad, but there are certainly bad iterations of it, such as this one, which is sadly pretty much to be expected because of our culture/ society.

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