anyone live in philly?

Started by pronetoaccidents, April 06, 2016, 07:58:05 PM

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Have 2 months to move. Tired of NY. Heard the punk scenes great and cheap rent. Also, I'm a philly cheese steak connoisseur
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Philly is awesome. I don't live there, but visiting is the best. Except taking the subway where they still use tokens like it's 1983. Nothing inherently wrong with that, except that they don't sell tokens at every station. Only some. Which is fucking ridiculous. That's my one major gripe about the city. Well, one gripe after the fact that they destroyed Love Park.

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I live outside the city because I know my landlord so my rent is cheap. But Philly is pretty cool. Lots of punk shows and shows in general, even though I'm pretty out of the loop. Pretty good comic and zine scene as well. Pretty good food, cheap etc. It's cool.