Band Vans Have No Luck

Started by rory, July 15, 2015, 10:24:24 AM

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Y'all might've heard that Chris' van got broken into and lots of items of value/sentimental value were stolen. This seems to be happening a lot to traveling band vans!

So I guess first off, buy some PIX stuff. Chaos is the only truth.

Second, the day before that happened, my friend's van had their window busted in our neighborhood. Which is ridiculous because the van literally does not lock anymore, and there was nothing in it. It might have just been a firework gone awry, which happened to another friend of mine last year. But in any case, their insurance does not cover the window replacement fee. So my housemate and I made a poster to sell to help raise funds. If y'all like it, I could probably mail it out! It'll probably just be printed on some cardstocky stuff, not screenprinted since that will take a lot of time/effort and I don't want to rope even another person into this already kind of silly little project.

I drew the image and my housemate did the lettering.

I'm thinking like 5 dollars a pop on the posters?

Anyway, any of you ever have bad van luck? I've been on 5 tours and none of them have ever been in vans, and I've always had excellent vehicle luck.
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