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Started by Jaybird, October 02, 2014, 09:12:11 AM

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There's some KILLER American and international punk rock n roll that's been dropping like A bombs all over.. here's some of my favs..

If you like punk, get with this..

and these babies..//
Lumpy and the Dumpers
Big Zit- Electric Zit Vol 1 EP
Poison Girls- Hex LP
Ooze-Big Angry EP
Ivy (lead vocalist from the phenomenal Brown Sugar)
Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
Ajax- Bleach for Breakfast
Replica/Nature Boys- live

this isn't from 2014 obviously but it was finally released and it's by the self proclaimed "ONLY ROCK N'ROLL BAND IN LOS ANGELES", the one, the only, the first and punkest of all fuckest bands in the whole wide world, CRIME!!!!

Crime- Murder By Guitar LP

female fronted D-Beat... Torso- Community Psychosis
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I've been slacking this year on new music, but here are my favorites:

Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness
Axxa/Abraxas Axxa/Abraxas
Carla Bozulich Boy
Deerhoof La Isla Bonita
Fear of Men Loom
Future Islands Singles
Interpol El Pintor
Last Ex Last Ex
M Geddes Gengras Ishi
Magic Eye Babylon
OOBE Digitalsea
Real Estate Atlas
Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Trust Joyland
Zola Jesus Taiga

I still have a lot of albums to listen to, but I'm expecting The Twilight Sad, Dirty Beaches, Woods, Ty Segall, Sun Araw, Perfume Genius, Parquet Courts, Copeland, and Fennesz to all be pretty solid.


This was actually maybe my worst year for getting into new releases to date. I mostly just liked the new Greys album.
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I too have been slacking but this what I've been spinning a lot of lately

The Antlers-Familiar
Cloud Nothings-Here and Nowhere Else
Cymbals Eat Guitars-LOSE
Damien Rice-My Favourite Faded Fantasy
The Hotelier-Home, Like Noplace Is There
Perfume Genius-Too Bright


There's a new Antlers album? Ohhh man, alright I'mma add that to my "To Listen" list.


Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
Cayetana - Nervous Like Me
White Lung - Deep Fantasy
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls
Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence
Vashti Bunyan - Heartleap
Moonface - City Wrecker
Joyce Manor - Never Hungover Again
Arch Enemy - War Eternal
Makthaverskan - II

Rapture Ready Blowhard

I just heard my favorite album of 2014 last night-- I don't know why I hadn't listened to the Ex Hex record sooner, but it's absolutely phenomenal.


I've been obsessed with somos this last month.


my buddies are in a cool band.. long drag. this is some of the first stuff they recorded. i've heard the newer stuff live and other songs they didn't get around to recording and everything is beast.

these are fucking killer too..

Native North America (Vol. 1) Aboriginal Folk, Rock And Country 1966 - 1985 3 x LP
Psychedelic Rock From Singapore And Malaysia 1964-1970 Vol. 1 LP
Wisconsin - Lost Power Pop Hits 1979-1982 LP

not worthy of being in bold but real good..

Real Kids - Shake...Outta Control
Electric Wizard - Time To Die
Reigning Sound - Shattered LP
GG King - Unending Darkness
del tha funky homosapien- iller than most
Nude Beach - 77
Merchandise - After the End
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