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Started by Anna Karina, September 07, 2014, 12:09:23 AM

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Anna Karina

Here's a thread for posting your finds/collections/whatever, and also for if you wanna try and sell anything on the board.

I found out (rather quickly) that I'm getting temporarily laid off for a month and I'm kind of really freaking out about money right now, so I'm in the process of adding all of my collection to discogs and trying to sell them.

Here's my collection (in progress, it will probably take me awhile to fully update everything). If you would like to buy anything off me, please tell me and I will try and negotiate a price!:


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I forgot I had this thing and just updated it a little bit:

Haven't been buying many records lately since I moved away from Asheville. I think I got spoiled on the record store I frequented there because they had a dedicated electronic section and experimental section separate. I checked out a record store near me the other day and....ugh. Their organization style needs a lot of help.

Brett, I might be interested in some of your Yellow Swans or Burning Star Core or Grouper stuff. Need to look at the money situation.


Anyone who know where I can get my hands on the Ghost Mice/Paul Baribeau split?


Great, now Baribeau is going to come yell at us because we invoked his name.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


I don't mind him yelling...


I have Rosa's "Texarkana-Get-A-High-Five" 7inch that I'm looking to get rid of.  PM offer if interested.


Quote from: jer on September 19, 2014, 10:11:36 AM
Great, now Baribeau is going to come yell at us because we invoked his name.
Well thats OK.  We're all horrible, abusive human beings who could never live up to his standards anyway.  We probably deserve to hear his deep personal insight


I bought Primitive Rites new 7" today, it's crazy good.

Primitive Rites is a local hardcore band who are pretty depressive and dark, but not in that whiny and annoying way that many american hardcore-bands are (like Have Heart, even though Have Heart is pretty sweet as well in their whininess)

Also, on their last record (a self-titled full length) they have a song about hating the "kids" in the scene, how can you not love it?


Though, they really are a lot better live (and I still absolutely love their studio stuff) because the singer (Jonas) has fucking _amazing_ stage presence, he really encapsulates the feel of the music incredibly well.

Seriously, watch the video. I promise you will enjoy his performance even if you might not like the music.
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