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General / things to do in the southeastern US
September 11, 2014, 05:45:55 AM
hey y'all so my friend and i are heading out this sunday for st. augustine, florida from virginia. we have a loose itinerary and just want to get away for a week. we're probably gonna head through asheville, savannah, maybe charleston, gainesville, places like that on our way down. i know there are a few people here who have or still live in this part of the country so do you have any recommendations for us? weird dive bars, cool bookstores, spooky places, scenic views? any suggestions are much appreciated!
oh well


High Dive, Swearin', Crabapple--I've been feeling so good listening to this kinda stuff. I thought I'd gotten bored of pop punk but something changed I guess. What are y'all jamming to this summer??