Fall 2014 Delay U.S. Tour

Started by Austin, July 08, 2014, 04:09:36 PM

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November 2014 U.S. Delay Tour
Hey All, thanks for the continued support. Here's our potential dates and spots for our upcoming fall tour. It starts at Fest, through the SW, up the coast, and back home up the middle with a few Midwest dates to get us home. If you want to help book a show, play a show, or if you have suggestions about places to play a good all ages show, email me at austin102384@gmail.com Thanks in advance, we're just getting started on the schedule. Updates will be found at: http://delayoh.tumblr.com/. Peace.

-10/31 Delay @ Fest

-November 1st watch All Dogs @ Fest

-11/2 Birmingham, AL


-4 Austin

-5 New Mexico

-6 Phoenix

-7 Las Vegas or San Diego

-8 LA

-9 SF

-10 SF

-11 ??

-12 Portland (danielle)

-13 Olympia

-14 Seattle

-15 Vanvouver, Tacoma, Bellingham?

-16 Boise

-17 SLC

-18 Denver

-19 Cheyenne, Wyoming?

-20 Omaha

-21 Iowa City

-22 Minneapolis

-23 Milwuakee


Hey! It's Chris from san diego. I can get you a show on the 7th here.


woo! you should do a day show in the inland empire on the 8th


Hoping I can make that Birmingham date!
21 Moreland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307