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Started by Courtney, June 29, 2014, 04:52:06 PM

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Anyone got any good ghost stories?

I'm pretty sure I finally saw my first ghost! Late Friday night I was sitting on my bed on my laptop, and out of the top of my vision I saw a nicely dressed older gentleman walk out of my closet and across the room to/through my dresser before he disappeared. He was very faint, almost like a mist, and while he didn't look at me or say anything, he seemed upset that my room was so messy. After he disappeared I felt kinda bad and told him out loud that I was sorry my room was so messy, but I'd been really sad and would try to start cleaning it in the morning. I haven't seen or heard from him since, but I told him it's cool if he wants to hang out.

I could also have been really drunk/high/sleepy/etc. but this was SUPER clear, not like a passing "did I just see that?" moment.


Sunday night I was in the basement with the lights off, watching some TV. It was a particuarly dark scene and on the right side of my head I saw these three really thin bright lights. BLIP BLIP BLIP. I'm 90% certain it was just something goofy about the scene though.
The end.

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I don't understand people who pretend ghosts are a thing.


I don't understand people who pretend aliens, the multiverse, or dark matter are things.

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I think you mentioned on the old board that you were going to start taking melatonin to help you sleep, Courtney?  Melatonin can affect dreaming for some people-- I personally went from having a memorable dream once every few months to having very vivid dreams as often as a couple of times a week, and my dosage is pretty small.  Lucid dreaming (ie, dreaming when you're still half-awake) can be a side affect of a heavy dose of melatonin.  Also:


If someone believes that aliens are "among us" or are visiting earth, they're almost certainly wrong (and supposed abduction experiences are probably also lucid dreams), but given that there are probably hundreds of billions of planets in our galaxy alone, it seems unlikely that there is nowhere else in the entire universe where at least single-cell organisms live or have lived.

Quotedark matter

There's a brand of pseudo-sciencey new ager who takes things like dark matter and quantum physics in a really weird direction, but as I understand it, there is some scientific evidence for dark matter.  The dark matter hypothesis arose due to discrepancies between the apparent gravity of galaxies and the amount of mass in the galaxy that could be calculated based on the kinds of matter we can see-- in short, in order for a galaxy to have the kind of gravity we observe, there must be some additional source of mass in addition to the stuff we know about.  Scientists began to suspect that the missing mass must be the result of some other form of matter besides conventional matter.  Astrophysicists tend to suspect that this unconventional matter is made up of a different kind of particle than the matter we know.  That particle hasn't been discovered, but by studying the movement of galaxies, scientists are pretty confident that there is "missing mass" unaccounted for by conventional matter and dark matter is at the moment the top explanation for it.  (I'm totally not a science person, so Whitney, Jeremy, and Sami could probably find some errors here)

I don't really know about multiverse theory, but I think it's another one where New Agers and scientists are talking about different things, and the former are just trying to piggyback off the latter to better sell their snake oil


I was just fucking with Brett on those points.

I only took the melatonin a couple nights and then stopped. 

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Quote from: Courtney on July 01, 2014, 10:22:33 AM
I was just fucking with Brett on those points.
It would've worked if, like, I believed any of those things, but I don't.

Depending on what you mean by aliens, which was already just touched on.

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A broom just fell over. Musta been a ghost.