Things that Blowing Your Mind Lately

Started by CrackyMcCrackerson, February 10, 2015, 06:14:32 AM

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Infinite Jest
Father John Misty's new record- I Love You, Honeybear
I'm on the 6th season of Burn Notice and holy bejesus.



Lindsey, have you been hanging out on offbeat bride or a practical wedding yet?


Hey I finally finished Infinite Jest about a month ago. Took me all summer or two and half years depending on whether me restarting counts. What're your thoughts?

Things blowing my mind lately:
Panic attacks over cover letters
(this is pretentious) Ulysses
The trials of attempting to go vegan
Paul Thomas Anderson


Quote from: momitsnowme on February 14, 2015, 10:29:54 PM
Lindsey, have you been hanging out on offbeat bride or a practical wedding yet?

I've browsed offbeat a little bit, but I've never heard of practical wedding! I will definitely check it out. I'm trying to have the smallest/cheapest wedding possible while still trying to wrangle my loved ones from the east coast... Becca you're actually a great person to ask, you probably had a lot of people coming from across the involved were you in helping with their travel/accommodations? It's already stressing me out so much to think about dealing with out of town guests/family (all of whom have never been to portland and aren't regular travelers either) AND dealing w the wedding... any suggestions?


We blocked off a block of hotel rooms (didn't pay for them, just blocked them off) and sent them that info along with info on other local hotels and the closest airports. I let them figure it out from there. I figured they are adults and can make travel plans and if they have specific questions, could ask!


Yeah, you're definitely not expected to be involved in their travel plans, that would be insane.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


We had some of our closer out of town family and friends over for homemade pizza 2 nights before the wedding and then the rehearsal dinner was the night before. I think we did some little print out directions for people to get from the venue to our house. But yeah, let them figure most of it out!