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Started by rory, March 22, 2020, 01:36:17 PM

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How is everyone doing?

My house of 6 is trying our best to not go anywhere. I work at a coffee shop, which closed last week and I have just been doing some of the roasting and bagging for doing online retail exclusively. I am currently the only employee remaining. It's a small business with a shakey payroll situation to begin with, so I am still owed about 500 dollars. Now is not a great time to be out 500 dollars. Most of my house still somehow has income, but one person works at a weed place and says everyone is ignorant there and they all share joints and hug all the time and it stresses him out.

I live in a county in Michigan with currently no reported cases, but we all are well aware that that has everything to do with a latency in testing and a lack of tests. Michigan seems to be worse and worse off by the day.

It's frightening and weird and it's only going to get weirder and worse. My plans to stay sane are to spend time on nice days picking up trash outside, and my housemate and I have been building compost bins and gardening. My partner is going to sew medical masks to donate to our local hospitals which have put out a call for it.

I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and those around you. I feel like punk kids, though maybe not the most santiary, are pretty good at shifting gears into resourceful problem solving and community care. Or maybe I'm just waxing nostalgia about it and feeling hopeful.

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Hey Rory.

I'm good enough, and privileged with the same job I've had for 20 years.  I'm in Bloomington just living with my cat.  The university made most of us start working from home on March 12th. And the students were asked to move home after spring break if possible.  And as of mid-night last night Indiana is under a Stay-at-home order.  The majority of town began to self-isolate as soon as the university mandated working from home.  Bloomington is pretty small, so while I would say I've seen people not taking it serious enough, it's a pretty vacant town right now and it's almost difficult to find a crowd.  We have 3 cases in our county, and 365 cases/12 deaths in the state as of yesterday.

I've been keeping busy with my job, yard work, and playing drums. Actually got a repetitive stress injury from playing drums hours a day more than usual. Trying to keep to a daily routine is helping me a bit, just so I don't get lost in time. It's supposed to be sunny and warm today, and I've been raking my yard and learning how to start composting.   

I will say, being a musician is really getting me through the isolation, and looking forward to when I can play with my band mates again.  I do miss the days when gardener/bicyclist/resourceful pixers were still a big part of town.  It was always nice to see such unity and positivity.



Out here in bloomington too!

Things are ok, I've been impressed a little, but also pretty disappointed how the essential services I know are dealing with the crisis. Higher ups not listening to suggestions from people that are actually in contact with people (rather than sitting in their office all day) and not making an effort to keep folks as safe as they could with a little effort. Especially some specific important situations I think. Im working at a houseless shelter at it's been rough in several ways outside of the usual, but besides a few things I think the shelter is doing well. Other than that staying home and working on stuff or playing super mario, reading, playing music, or skating/walking in isolation. Excited to be gardening soon, im still eating the collards that have been going since last year! And i was gone for three months during the winter.

Hope yall are well, thanks for sharing your situations < 3


Mental Health Check!!! Everybody ok?  This is a confusing time, and I find myself tending to what I can control to soothe myself.  Gardening, drums, donating money, buying from mindful businesses, and my job.  I'm still feeling thankful there.  Hope folks are well.