Deja vu?

Started by failure, January 11, 2019, 04:24:36 AM

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Hello all! I doubt any of you remember me from the old PIX days but I was a long time lurker/poster (although I didn't post often). In case I need proof, jer and becca met at Fest 7. Or was it 6?  And remember that one dude that took kylewilliam's song and claimed it as his own?

I have lots of fond memories of the board, PIX (and PIX Fest), the Fest, and localish shows. I was kind of in a weird spot... I lived in a remote town in Eastern Washington and had no one to talk to about music. The closest shows for me were 3 hours away in Seattle or Spokane. To this day I don't think I have any friends that listen to the likes of Paul Baribeau or Matty Pop Chart although some like Kimya Dawson because of Juno. The board was a nice place to discover some great music that I still listen to regularly. I went to a total of 6 Fests but haven't been in like 3 years I think? God I love it there but I'm too old and poor that anymore. :/

Anyways, I know this place is pretty much dead but I'm glad I found it. It was nice to get a little nostalgic and look at some threads.

P.S. I'm total out of the loop and had no idea about the whole Chris Clavin thing!

P.P.S. I recognize jer, becca, lindsey, brett (AnnaKarina), kw (are you still making music? I sure hope so!) but I think some others have changed usernames? Is Ian still around? Vagroaches? The Asian dude from Austin with the badass lightning bug in a jar tattoo? Nate Rainey? Tague?


was it Peter with the lightning bug tattoo?  Haven't seen him, Vagroaches, or Ian in a long while.  Tague still posts, haven't seen Rainey in a long while, but I think he stuck around longer that the others.

I used to lurk as Dreamy.


Haha, I just remembered PIX had the Champagne Room, lol.


A lot of the musicians are still playing music, too.  Some folks from The Door-Keys and Future Virgins released an album in 2018 under the band name Evening Standards.

Maybe we could hire a bounty hunter to track down all the old bands.


Oh yeah the Champagne Room! Was that the semi-locked area with links for downloads and stuff that you had have a certain amount of points/reps to go into?

Yes I believe his name was Peter! I never really interacted with him much but I've always loved that tattoo.

I toured with Russ Substance in 2006 (and by tour I mean he asked me to drive him around for 3-4 weeks for his US tour until he ditched me in Texas to go hang out with a girl in California). I was able to meet a few folks from the way old boards and some cool band members. Got to stay at a house in Berkeley for like 4 days with Ryan Harvey and Mark Gunnery which was cool. Stayed with Michael Throwaways in Van Nuys. Hung out with some of the folks from Defiance, OH for a day. Some amazing memories that have came flooding back since reading this board!

I still follow some of the bands... mostly No Idea or bands that would play the Fest. Matt Tobey recently released something too that I've been meaning to check out.


I think Peter just moved to LA? Idk, we're friends on facebook and whatnot. He's doing big thangs as an artist.

Last week I met up with an old PIX regular who was visiting Florida. Never would have thought at 16 that I'd still be hanging with people from this message board at 30.


I never knew Peter super well, but we follow each other on the internet.  Seems like they're doing well with art stuff!

If anyone is interested, a lot of the older Bloomington crew is still playing music.  A bunch of it is being put out by Let's Pretend Records in Bton.  There's also a really cool tape label based out of Chattanooga called Lifer Tapes that's been putting out stuff from Riversedge, Basement Benders, Mixed Signals, and The Bananas.  Those first three are ex-This Bike, Future Virgins, other PIX South bands.
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