The Love-Birds "In The Lover's Corner" from San Francisco

Started by gumshoe, June 24, 2018, 12:31:12 PM

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Great band, great album. Really evokes nostalgia and feelings I had as an early-to-mid 20s person involved in the punk scene from 2002-2006... especially if you were familiar with the scene in Brooklyn, NY and bands like Bent Outta Shape. Reminds me of being young and as Bent Outta Shape channeled The Replacements beyond compare this album for me does a similar punk rock lost in life thing for a sound similar to Teenage Fanclub. Can't stop listening. Just thought I'd mention it and see if anyone wants to check em out. The album is on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Ill checkm out. I need something to feel. I missed Bent Outta Shape and I was still down in Pensacola then, so I looked them up and comparing them to Hickey, Crimpshrine and The Replacements which you also did is forcing me to listen. That sounds really great. Fun fact, a Let It Be cd was one of the first things I ever stole.