Started by jer, February 28, 2018, 07:27:11 PM

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Some peace and quiet around here.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.

Anna Karina



 ??? ::) :P :( >:( ;D :D


Though lovers be lost love shall not.


DAMN it's been since 05/06 since I posted on here. I don't even remember what my username was. But I still rock those Bent Outta Shape (not they were on Plan It X) albums all the time.

I am now a crusty old 36 year old puker who recently relocated to Los Angeles. Doubt I know anyone here or that anyone knows me but if anyone here is in LA or knows people I can reach out to and befriend in LA that would be dope.

I miss the Brooklyn of my youth and 20s. And I miss a life of possibility.


is there a reason why everyone doesn't sleep in hammocks? what's the deal with beds? feel free to respond with pictures of jerry seinfeld's face
ask me about my high score