My book!!!!!

Started by momitsnowme, January 09, 2018, 06:34:52 AM

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I know I've talked about my book here. I decided to go for it and launch it but I need a LOT of preorders and follows to get it to happen!

I would so appreciate you checking it out, reading the sample chapters and engaging with it, sharing and following, and if you can, pre-ordering it. Thank you so much!!


wow! it sounds amazing from the synopsis thingy I read on the link about it. That's really cool becca
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If folks can't afford it right now, making an account on the site (you can use Facebook if it makes it easier) and reading and reviewing my chapters really helps the stats too so I'd really appreciate it!


Hey all!
I'm at 453 pre-orders and I really want to make this happen. I would be so so grateful for your help. Ebooks are only $10 and it would really mean a lot!


Oh yeah I was waiting to not be so broke to place a pre-order, good reminder!
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Thank you so much for ordering, Rory!!


ordered one duh. obviously love the title, stoked to read this puppy.