Ghost Mice - Wake Up and Fight!

Started by GrownFolk, September 21, 2017, 02:31:12 PM

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Let's talk about the new Ghost Mice album.  Not about Chris and what's going on with him, there's another thread for that.  Let's keep this about the music.

I'm really digging the new album, too bad it's most likely their last as this could very well be their strongest release yet.  I still need a few more spins to fully digest this thing but there are a lot of stand out tracks, Death and Hatred to Mankind, Unsinkable, I Can't Make It In The City to name a few. 

Anyone else give this a listen yet?


I canceled my Bandcamp order since it looked like it disappeared from the site. I liked the sample tracks that were up but don't really think I could listen to it now


Chris sent me the master files but I was away on vacation and didn't get to listen to it fully.
And now I don't really feel like listening to it either.


I will never ever ever want to talk about a serial abuser's art as if it exists in a vacuum, fuck that shit