My Novel And Lots Of Amazing Covers

Started by Jaybird, August 22, 2017, 11:23:33 AM

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Hello all,

Occasional poster here, but first post in a quite awhile.  I wrote a novel that was published this month and Im eager to try and get it out there. This website Largehearted Boy asks people to make soundtracks for their books, and since the book is about self-broadcasting, I chose all youtube covers, many of which are bands I'm confident the folks on this board like (Mischief Brew, AJJ, etc.)

Here's the actual book:

if anyone lives in NY the publisher is doing a reading of all the authors they publish at KGB Bar on Thursday. Even if my book isn't your cup of tea, I think the other authors on Instar are likely to appeal to a lot of the folks here. Thanks for listening.


I've been trying to find a publisher for my novel so any advice you have I'd appreciate!



what's it about/ like and where do you live?

The big thing is find an agent. Choose your favorite writers or the ones who write similarly to you and find out who their agents are, go on the agent's site and figure out how to submit (follow directions, don't do weird things to try and stand out) follow up in six weeks, then again in six more.) And go to readings.


It follows different members of a family across generations, from CA to WV and talks a lot about home and place. There's a lesbian love story. I have a synopsis but I don't want to post it publicly. I got turned down by a few agents and am mostly convinced a small press is the way I should go.

I live in CA. Where are you?