Share your happy pix memories from before

Started by lindsey, August 24, 2017, 08:27:48 PM

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Quote from: Anna Karina on August 25, 2017, 11:19:28 PM
Also cool to see Lindsey do cool tattoo shit. If I ever actually get any tattoos, I want you and my friend Lorin to do them. One of them would be a Phantom Tollbooth tat. But also I'm 31 and I don't have any tattoos so I dunno man, feel like I missed that opportunity. Now I'm just old and saggy and dumb.

Awww thank you dude! Tattoos rule no matter how old you are, I'm old and saggy and dumb and still get tattoos all the time! Although, I might be trying to come to drag con with my shop to tattoo next year but otherwise I'm never coming back to LA!!!


me and whatshisface from san francisco sitting in the same room having a fake argument on this board about me sleeping with his partner on tour was a real hoot, that was like 12 years ago.


That was the FOTW board you dope. And no one bought it.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.