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Started by rodents, August 03, 2017, 06:54:13 PM

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I miss the old internet, before social media and smart phones. I miss this place. I miss the way that forums brought people together. I miss folk punk when it was new, and when rebellion seemed like such a good idea.

Sorry, I'm drunk and reminiscing. Anybody out there?


oioioi up teh punx
still seems like a great idea!


yeah the world sucks
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


what was your old username
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.

Anna Karina

Stop interrogating them, dad.


i feel like i haven't had a conversation with another person in years, i feel like i never want to take the time to explain my actual point of view so i just say something expected
ask me about my high score



Quote from: hatmoose on August 05, 2017, 09:10:08 AM
i feel like i haven't had a conversation with another person in years, i feel like i never want to take the time to explain my actual point of view so i just say something expected
I'm so fucking desperate for human connection but everyone seems too burnt out to have it and it's never fulfilling anymore, it's either fucking or trying to network (often for good reasons in my circles but still)
I just want to feel something again
Even with the arguments on here that could happen it felt fucking real even though I missed all the chances to meet y'all and get in on the hijinx tat action (missed by like, a mile or two many times)


You guys really don't have conversations with people? What's getting in the way of you doing so? It seems like that's something you could make happen if you try. Do you have severe social anxiety and therefore have difficulties starting conversations with people? I'm seeing more and more people (usually under the age of 20) who don't have the tools in their arsenal to initiate conversations, develop friendships, and maintain them. I try really hard to explain how this all should work but given the fact that the people they're talking to may also have poor social skills, it makes it difficult to predict behavior/reactions at times. I feel like kids having cell phones at 7 years old is part of the problem as well as too much screen time in general.

Is there anything in particular you would like help with in regards to initiating conversations with people?
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin


I mean, I'm 30. I have the tools but every conversation is just so fucking hollow. Even in organizing spaces it's just... so dull. I get it, we're getting older and things are retread paths and most things are a bummer to actually talk about. I'd rather have a bummer of a conversation on something and maybe roll into the things that are exciting and have a real human experience than just have a ten minute gab at a party and move on.


I hate how friendships turn into just "people you see sometimes and make small talk with" in your 30s too. I've found that if I take a chance and say something that makes me feel vulnerable, often people will open up and those friendships deepen. It's how I've made the few close connections I've made recently.


tbh i aged into just hanging out with my animals and reading when im not working and im really happy for it. i talk to the people who matter when we wanna talk, at a pace mutually agreed upon but unspoken and its all worked out well.


Things are different. It's okay.

I mean some things are really not okay.

But we're all growing and learning, so there's one uptick.
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I'm an anarchist, but I'm not going to drive ninety-five miles an hour down the road tossing illegal, invasive species of snakes from my car while texting and fraudulently doing my taxes.



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Anti-Creative Records sells some things.