Punk and mainstream culture

Started by Aaron, May 08, 2017, 06:38:15 PM

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What the hell is going on? The 12 year old in me is dismayed.  So I was scrolling through Punknews.org today and saw that Jeff Rosenstock was on Carson Daly's show and Sum 41 is on Hopeless Records now.

Just a couple examples, but it still trips me out sometimes when I realize how bands/people I used to support and book shows for got really big, have opened for legendary bands like Built to Spill and whatnot (but then again who cares about bands like Built to Spill these days anyway?).  It's too hard to keep up with the times.  I don't understand anything...


I don't think this is a new phenomenon.

I agree though, every time I see a band I saw play for 10 peoples sell out a venue of 2,000. It feels a little weird, but it really just confirms we have good taste and are the realist hipsters of them all.


Haha no it's hardly new, but I've been so out of touch the last 6+ years, some stuff still blows me away

Also makes me wonder, though, because I mean the whole thing was about way more than good taste, and that's all it counts as these days?  Makes it feel kinda cheap...


the only band Ive felt good about still after it all is chumbawamba

but also I cant think of many bands. greenday? anti-flag (kind of?) rancid?


typically is mostly boring and disappointing to me

I also havent experienced too much of bands I really care about doing that, knowing them before mainstream success


This stopped bothering me. I feel like part of growing up for me was realizing I'm not really that much smarter/cooler/better than the mainstream, haha


Yeah, I mean I feel happy for people, and selling out isn't what it used to be so whatever...But diy punks with Carson Daly?  I know it's not 1999 any more but that's just too much cognitive dissonance




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