Started by Courtney, June 27, 2014, 05:30:53 PM

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I hate running so much. I'm always afraid I'm gonna trip, I never remember to breathe properly, and I inevitably get side cramps. To be fair, I'm 5'3" 200lbs so I'm expecting this to be difficult.

Any pointers for people just starting out running? Breathing techniques? Ways to pace yourself? How to fend off those awful side cramps?

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There's probably a lot of runners on the board who can give you some tips, but running isn't really the best exercise for everyone (I fall into that category).  For years, I tried to get into running but found myself gasping for breath with aching knees almost immediately.  More importantly, I became bored with it after a few minutes so I just gave up.  For nearly a year now, I've been doing interval training 5-6 times a week, and I find it far easier to push myself when I'm having fun and doing varied movements than when I'm doing something repetitive.  Have you considered exercises other than running?

I would also recommend doing a dynamic warm-up before exercising, and longer stretches afterwards.


i tried to run to catch the bus the other day and stopped after a block because i felt like i was gonna puke and immediately smoked a cigarette and plopped my ass down on the curb. does that count?

in middle school i was on track, cross country, ran on the beach to get ready to take the lifeguard test all that rowdy iron man type shit. now the thought of that makes me want to puff on an inhaler even though i don't have asthma.

i did used to like it. there's nothing like the natural high you get from a good run. i remember buzzing for a good halfhour after i stopped, feeling like i was on the top of the fucking world and endorphins surging through every nick and cranny of my bod.
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I definitely need to start warming up beforehand. I may not be able to continue with the running, but I'd like to try for now. A lot of my friends are into doing the various races, and I'd like to be able to do something that not only helps me get in shape, but is a social activity. I went for my first "real" run today and it was actually pretty successful. There was a lot of walking, of course, but I was surprised and proud of the short distances I was able to run.

Plus I'll meet more cute dudes running in my neighborhood than doing pilates on my floor.


I'm starting to dislike running slightly less thanks to an exercise trail I go to -- it's a trail through some trees, and at various distances there are little exercises you stop and do. Depending on what your level is, it then tells you whether you should walk, run, or jog to the next stop. It makes it feel like more of a lil' adventure game, and breaking up the monotony of running turns out to have been a big help.


just wanted to drop in to say fuck running


I'm not an expert by any means, but I can share my experiences with running/jogging.

WHen I first started, I did High Intensity Interval Training, which was basically a short warm-up (maybe 2 minutes walking) followed by 8 sets of running for 30 seconds then walking/jogging for one minute. That's a really quick way to build up your body for running, and pretty easy to push yourself at. Plus, it's short enough to be easy to fit into you daily schedule a few times each week.

If you're more interested in long-distance running, just take it slow. Set a distance goal, maybe 1 mile, and run/jog that for a bit until you're comfortable increasing the distance. Be really careful doing that at this time of year if you're running outside, though, 'cause it is easy to get dehydrated.


i had a tried and true formula of maintaining my ideal weight for years but it doesn't work anymore.. when i was strung out on dope i was thin and ironically everyone thought i was so healthy and wanted to know my secret because it appeared that i did nothing but smoke cigarettes and sit on a mattress on a floor listening to some the same velvet underground tape day in and day out .. when i stopped getting high i got all fat and bloated from the antidepressant/anti anxiety/anti soul medication they pumped me up with so i was like a fatty arbuckle caricature of my former self so i had to make a decision if i wanted to be skeletor or the fat kid from willy wonka who turns blue..

what this has to do with running? i don't know. i'm in fairly good shape now. i'm on methadone and one of its side effects is that it makes people blow up like the hinderburg but that's just bullshit (like the infamous lie about how methadone makes your teeth fall out but they don't take in account that perhaps it's because the person spent a decade smoking crack and hittin the sweet, sweet mainline and not even glancing at a toothbrush) but if there is a truth to it, then yes running helps. i run to the bus. i run to the the train. i run back home to my baby. i run all the time in my my mind. running running running. what's a better definition of anxiety than running around in circles every waking (and unwaking) hour?
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I've been going for little walks/jogs and it's great! Gets me out of the house and I feel better when I'm done. I can't jog for very long, but it'll come with time. I'm going to try to double down on my exercise and eating since one of my medications could make me gain weight and I've worked reeeeally hard to lose weight. Don't wanna slide backwards!


Running has become too difficult at my current weight level, i kinda walk for a minute, go to a light jog for 30 sec and back usually in a hilly area. I loved running to much when i was in better shape. i would go to the gym and run for 45 min to an hour.
it does give a killer natural high
kinda makes ya feel strong too, like you could kick some ass
Going around nature is even better, cause you can enjoy it more than say, biking, which i do more nowadays.
but you can go so fast on a bike you pass the beautiful stuff
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