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recommended reading..
Chaos Magick : Nothing is true; everything is permitted.

"Darken your room, shut the door, empty your mind. Yet you are still in
great company - the Numen and your Genius with all their media, and your
host of elementals and ghosts of your dead loves — are there! They need no light by which to see, no words to speak, no motive to enact except through your own purely formed desire."
― Austin Osman Spare, The Logomachy of Zos

Chaos Magick started in the late 70's as an underground movement , the idea was that symbolism, costumes, rituals in traditional magic systems such as Qaballa were used to an end , but aren't the end itself.

"Chaos Magick is an extraordinary deconstruction of magick, semantics, and psychology designed to eradicate consensual belief structures and, using the energy freed by this act, glimpse the fractal contours of reality."

The magician must choose what please him best to cause the change that he wants to achieve , therefore Chaos Magick is much more a Do it Yourself idea than anything else. Nevertheless , there is a few core principles , no dogma , because most dogma act like block to many possibilities . Second principle , experiment , experiment, experiment, try and do what's work for you. Seriousness and being rigourous is important , neglecting is not allowed this is another principle. Deconditioning for flexibility is also a key principle and at last but not least , the magician must achieve gnosis the magical trance state .(altered state of consciousness)

Over the time , Chaotes have adopted a set of techniques that they often use because they have proven to be effective.


Originally developed by the English magician and author Austin Osman Spare . A sigil is a symbolized form of a desire or will. Once the magician has created its sigil, it send it to it subsconsious directly without the conscious being aware (this phase is called charging) , in order to not interfere with the subconscious the sigil has to be forgotten , the magician attempt to do that during the banishing phase . After this , the subconscious can convert the sigil into action and reality .


First, write down your desire very clearly, like this:


Scan the letters and cross out any repeating ones, as follows:

IT xS MY Wxxx xO BE xFxxRxD xxx xxUxx

Which leaves us with the following letters remaining:


There. Now you've done the first stage – creating your statement of intent, and simplifying it.

Magical notes: What lies behind creating a statement of intent?

What you've just done is taken a conscious desire and broken it down into something your conscious brain doesn't recognise any more: a meaningless string of letters. The more energy you put into turning your sentence into something unrecognisable, the more you leave your annoying conscious mind behind and hammer the message into your powerful subconscious.

The creation of the Statement of Intent is really important. Austin Osman Spare preceeded all of his magical statements with the prefix "THIS MY WISH..." followed by the description of what he desired. Maybe you don't have to, but it does make the exercise feel more formal and special. You could also use THIS MY INTENT, or THIS MY WILL – whatever works for you.

Also, the statement of intent must be expessed only in positive, not negative terms. The subconscious has the annoying habit of perceiving everything positively. For example, if you want to pass an exam, do not express it as "I will not fail my exam" — the deep mind ignores the "not" and hears this as "I will fail my exam"! Instead, express it as something like "I will pass my exam with flying colours".

Also, sigil magic is simple and powerful. A good way to begin is to choose some simple, unimportant result — one to which you aren't personally attached, so your conscious mind doesn't care what the results are. Like:


Such a wish is entirely unimportant, but not something that one runs into every day, so it's a good test. See how long it takes for the wish to manifest. The practical side of such exercises is that success increases one's confidence that MAGIC WORKS, which in turn makes success more likely for more important objectives.

There is no way to prove if sigil magic works (or not) except by trying it yourself. Never believe the hype. Create your own. Moving on...


So far, you've got your simplified Statement of Intent: ITSMYWOBEFRDU

You're now ready to go on to the next stage and turn this string of letters into a picture – your magical sigil.

On your piece of paper, make a basic, rough sketch linking the various letter shapes together, combining some of them as you go along (for example, an "M" is a "W" upside down, "I" is contained in "T", "F" is part of "E", "D" sits snugly in "O", etc.):

Next the image is simplified and refined.

chaos magic sigil

The magical sigil above contains all the letters in "it is my will to be offered red fruit".

It's been given extra embellishments to look spooky and distract the mind.

It's also been designed to look a little bit like a strawberry. Because why not.

Most homemade sigils look a little spooky or alien – like UFO writing or witchy wall-scratchings. There are no rules as to how your sigil should look as long as it works for you.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


the skullfuck.-

Purpose: This is an exercise to aid in the recollection of dreams
     through the use of visualization and tactile imagery.  It is best
     performed at the times that one begins to fall asleep.

1.  Relax; take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the present
    sensation of the extremities.

2.  Allow yourself to feel the gradual decrease in sensitivity of the
    limbs as you drop off to sleep.

3.  Switch your attention rapidly from limb to limb, but block out
    extraneous thoughts as completely as possible.

4.  When nearly all sensation is lost in the extremities, switch your
    attention to the spine; localize your attention to the sensation
    at each vertebra.  Send a current of energy up from the base very
    slowly to the top.

5.  When the current reaches the top, visualize the entire spine as a
    penis, and the point where it enters the skull as the
    sexually-oriented orifice of your choice.

6.  Concentrate now on the sensation of the spine-penis entering the
    foramen magnum-orifice.  When bringing the sensation to the
    concious level, recall that it is your penis and/or your orifice;
    a great deal of sensation is being generated.

7.  Hold the images and sensations in mind until you do, in fact, fall
    asleep. Attempt immediately to hold up your dream-hands in front
    of your eyes.

By practicing this daily, near total dream recall is achieved in a
relatively short time.

The Rite of Televangelical Gnosis

[From the Corpus Fecundi of the AutonomatriX] This is a rite for attaining vacuity and sigil transmission utilizing a pre-existing vector: The Television Evangilist.
Statement of Intent:
It is our/my will to utilize the "magical","techno-shamanic" and "hypnotic" powers of the TV Evangelist to attain gnosis and transmit our sigilized desire/s.

Turn on PTL or other appropriate televangelical networks. A televangelical video tape is a handy item for readily sharing this ritual with others.

Observe the "live" audience and their many different methods of attaining Gnosis:

Ecstatic dance, frenetic movement, seething, writhing etc.
Singing, praying, speaking in tongues/glossolalia, interpretation, prophecy, sexual arousal from close proximity to others in a revivalist frenzy.
Total faith in the ability of the televangelist to deliver a personal petition to the Almighty Hirself: (miraculous healings, divination, discernment of spirits etc.)
Fear and Guilt Gnosis: Fear of Hell, Fear of being "left out" of Heaven, Snake Handling, Babtism in icy waters, etc.
Stigmata, mass quasi-consensual hallucinations, etc.
These are but a few of the methods of attaining Televangelical Gnosis; free "gifts" from the "Holy Ghost".
In this rite, we attempt to utilize these fundamentalist dynamics to temporarily suspend our disbelief, and direct our will without lust for results, into the virtual certainty of the Televangelists ability to transmit the sigil directly into the vortex of the "Holy Spirit".

Rite of Televangelical Gnosis:

Create sigilized monogram of desire.
Turn on PTL (Opening)
Declaration of S.O.I.
Place sigil on opaque paper over TV screen, allowing for at least partial viewing of the program.
Attain gnosis (using any combination of the methods mentioned above) but consider the possibility of gnosis attained through total self disgust and humiliation for allowing yourself to be watching the Xtian spectacle of disgust.
Become disgusted with the complete tackiness and total lack of dignity and self respect that Xtians invariably suffer from. (highly recommended)
Become sexually aroused at the thought of this absurdity. (at this time "Phone Sex" with the online televangelical operators is recommended as an additional link, but is not entirely necessary). Otherwise this may be an appropriate opportunity for an auto-erotic pathworking involving such fantasies as:
Imagine having sex with the lady with the big purple hair and ultra-long fake eyelashes.
Imagine having sex with Jimmy Baker/Swaggart-types with sweaty palms and booze on their breath.
Any kinky combination of the above. (use your imagination)
As the preacher requests/demands the "Love Seed", or "Gift of Love", "Love Sacrifice" ($$$), etc., Attain Vacuity (by whatever means available) and annoint the sigil and the TV screen with your sexual/bodily fluids. Just wait for the inevitable: "Right Now", "Right Now"! (The Televangelist will chant this with a Deep Southern Accent). The act of annointing the sigil and television may be the result of a direct climax, focused on the screen. Visualize/focus on your uttermost contempt for Xtianity as you immerse the screen in bodily fluids. Keep in mind the "Preatures" advice involving large "Love Seeds" for large desires. (aside from the direct linkage to the ritual itself, this "offering" serves to cirCUMvent the "spirit" of the Xtian paradigm).
Banish using TV remote controller as "wand" - and change stations while giggling hysterically.
Note: The preacher needs your "Love Seed/Gift" in order to transmit your sigil to "Heaven"(where the Almighty resides, waiting for "Judgement Day"). Rather than giving the "Seed" or "Egg" in love for Xtianity, you may feel inclined to offer it in utter contempt for the Xtian paradigm, as an excercise in good taste. This desecration of the Xtian paradigm (depending on the rigidity of your pre-existing belief structures) may serve to greatly enhance the power of the enchantment itself.
"All prayer dissapates without an intermediary or carrier. Gods, soul and the psycho-substantive seem to respond only through the mind by in-direction and hetero-suggestion: this is the secret way through many barriers."
-- A.O.S from "The Logomachy of Zos".
Though lovers be lost love shall not.