I'm in a One-(hu)Man-Band called Jagweed - from VT, and I'm going on tour!!!

Started by Max BQR, December 29, 2016, 05:47:08 PM

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Hey y'all! I'm trying to throw together a tour (kinda last minute, I know) for my one-(hu)man-band Jagweed (http://facebook.com/jagweedband) and I was wondering if anyone had any input! 

I play plectrum banjo and drums at the same time, and sing!  I do early 20th century American folk music and original tunes in a very unusual way.  It's very loud and gets pretty intense. 

Here's a video of me playing to give you some idea of what my music sounds like: https://youtu.be/ISgU2RzzLR8

Jan 30 - Lake Worth, FL
Jan 31 - St Augustine, FL
Feb 1 - Tallahassee, FL
Feb 3 - Mobile, AL / Pensacola, FL
Feb 4 - Baton Rouge, LA
Feb 5 - Houston, TX
Feb 6 - San Marcos, TX / San Antonio, TX
Feb 8 - Austin, TX
Feb 12 - Dallas, TX
Feb 15 - Little Rock, AR
Feb 16 - Memphis, TN
Feb 17 - Birmingham, AL / Nashville, TN
Feb 18 - Atlanta, GA / Murfreesboro, TN
Feb 19 - Greenville, SC / Athens, GA / Chattanooga, TN / Knoxville, TN
Feb 20 - Asheville, NC
Feb 24 - Greenville, SC / Boone, NC
Feb 25 - Rock Hill, SC
Feb 26 - Charlotte, NC
Feb 27 - Myrtle Beach, SC
Mar 1 - Durham, NC / Chapel Hill, NC / Carrboro, NC / Raleigh, NC
Mar 2 - Durham, NC / Chapel Hill, NC / Carrboro, NC / Raleigh, NC
Mar 3 - Richmond, VA
Mar 4 - Baltimore, MD / Washington, DC
Mar 6 - Philadelphia, PA

Also taking input on cool-ass small towns that I might not know about, awesome nature things to check out, roadside attractions...


I booked your old band wood spider once.

Best of luck on this tour, not coming close to me or I'd try to help out!


Oh whoa!  Where was that?  Also how'd you even remember that I was in Wood Spider?  I cut off my long hair (and my very unfortunate crusty kid dreads) and grew a beard since then so I'm also surprised about someone recognizing me. 

Maybe I'll come out your way sometime again soon and you can book me again ;)