2016 in review

Started by kw, December 23, 2016, 08:58:11 AM

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this year was shit for a lot of people, rad for a lot of others. what was your year like?


in 2016 i:

- got my food truck, rescue dogs vegan hot dogs & street fare, up and running. it was a ton of work... literally 52 straight weeks of 80+ hours worth of work... but totally worth it. we won best food truck in ontario and starting in late winter our original recipe hot dogs will be available in stores across canada, woop!

- since i have no chill, i opened a second business called melting matildas in november. its going well so far! vegan ice cream by the pint.

- adopted 2 more feline companions, Koshekh & Omen, to make our family 6 cats deep & 1 canine companion.

- my band with my partner, vile creature, put out a second record and played some shows. it was really fun and we're real proud of it.

- i got married to aforementioned partner on halloween, just like lindsey!

- went on then came off anxiety meds, but feel like i have a better handle on everything overall which is rad.

- started a new band with two close friends. i play drums, which is what ive always wanted to do in a band. its called moon worship and we just recorded! its like dark heavy shoegazy pop music.

all in all, i really appreciated 2016 even if the world around is turning to shit. i hope 2017 is equally personally liberating.


I didn't know about your ice cream business! Awesome!

My 2016 was pretty much about this moment:

But also:
- got ghosted by a best friend of 20 years
- my grandma was in the hospital but is now doing ok
- first baby started preschool
- got to doula for a friend, my 5th birth as a doula
- trained as a leader for outdoor kids classes and led a season
- won a scholarship to become a childbirth educator



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I dramatically shifted my relationship of 5 years. We broke up, now we're doing sort of an open thing. It's really good right now, but it has not always been easy.

My band put out a 7" and went on a month long tour. I am also dating one of my bandmates.

I almost bought a house / venue, but it fell through and I've been feeling sort of lost and meaningless since.

A friend and bandmate died.

I still live in a house that books shows, still play punk music, still live cheaply.
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3 Doors Down and Toby Keith are the only well known musicians who are willing to perform for the winner of the 2016 election. That about sums up what kind of year it was.
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It was fucking terrible.

I had a couple real good things, but with all the real bad things, they're all just sort of tainted:
- Civil unioned my partner. We had originally planned to do it just for insurance reasons (joke was on us though, the company decided that this was the year they'd stop covering domestic partners/common-law spouses/civil union partners), but it also made my mom very, very happy.
- Saw my favorite bands with my favorite people.
- Took Rob to St. Louis for the first time. We partook of very cheap alcohol and the Courtesy Diner.
- Settled all the tension with my mom/stopped letting my father's abuse of us all ruin my relationship with her. We actual even became friends.
- I got awesome free boots from my grandpa and step-grandma's feed and tack/cowboy gear store.
- Saw some family I actually like and had not seen in like at least a decade.

Now for the bad:
- My mom got sick and died. She probably would have lived had her doctor followed up on the multiple requests to order further imaging on a nodule found in a chest x-ray my mom had done while in the hospital with pneumonia in January of 2015. In the spring of 2016, she got sick. She kept going to the doctor and her doctor never once ordered a basic chest x-ray, but told my mom it was pneumonia. That went on for months. Then my mom started growing a tumor on her scalp. The doctor referred her to a general surgeon and then a medical oncologist once the general surgeon said the tumor was definitely malignant. My mom finally got to be in so much pain that she went to the ER and they like immediately found very advanced lung cancer. Since she lived in Arizona and all of our family is in Illinois, she ended up having to take help from my abusive shit pile of a dad and we're all pretty sure he hurried her death along, but no one bothered investigating it until after she'd been cremated.
- The stress of that whole ordeal basically broke my ability to absorb serotonin so I had bad, bad panic attacks for a couple months before I got on medication. I am also now experiencing depression for the first time in my life and it's miserable.
- I was not able to get on Rob's insurance after all and my insurance premium went up $100 a month, even after my subsidy basically tripled. It's an ACA plan, so I guess I won't have to worry about that high premium for long, right?
- I tripped over a curb in June and bashed up one of my knees really bad/skinned that knee from mid-shin to lower thigh. Then, three days after Christmas, I took a nasty spill on some black ice and bashed up the other knee equally as bad. I now feel like I am about 70 years old when I walk down stairs.


2016 was horrible. i lost my bunny, my love and my house. i now live in a shelter across from the projects in bed stuy, brooklyn. my health has been deteriorating.. lost a lot of weight and look fucking sickly, my sleep is non existent. depression and anxiety are alive n kicking. currently detoxing from benzoes and it's a nasty withdrawal. I got myself low enough that I don't have to worry about the seizures that are sometimes associated with it. On day 4 and i feel my skin and body crawling and my mind feels like dirty wet laundry getting rung out. I haven't written any music recently and my serious attempt at actually writing something lengthy and researched was lost. I had everything in a notebook that I somehow left behind on the subway. That was a really rough realization. The pain was physical. I've acquired a bunch of comics and tarot decks and occult books and that's really been an interest of mine as if late. Perhaps it's stupid and ignorant but I believe and am trying to harness and/or realize its potential.

Though lovers be lost love shall not.

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Still not entirely sure how to grasp the last year enough to write about it.