listening to carrie nations more than usual/discovering sweet related bands

Started by pronetoaccidents, January 12, 2017, 09:11:08 AM

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there was a musical bridge, overlooked by it's predecessor (C.N.) and the drastic sonic departure of Wade Bogs, called Shitty Darkness. If you wanna read about em a bit or download them as well as the aforementioned Wade Boggs (which when dealing with music it's hard to say this is my "favorite" of the bands because they all a unique collision of all sorts of thoughts and fragments but all i know is that some of these songs have the potential to be stuck in my head for a very, very long time. one of the bands that you, or at least i knew, immediately, as how it is with what grows to become my favorite bands/books/etc, that it was a great piece of art.

shitty darkness-

wade boggs-
(listening to this now... demands that i reiterate the above statement to get this. it's very, very good. )
welcome home,nemo.
spastic, nerdy indie pop punk with Tenement-esque moments/slight after taste of 90s emo (indian summer came to mind), unconventional song structure. really good. First two songs, Girlfriend and Night of Won't, alone got me all stuck in the messy jumble (i'm almost hearing if Cap'n Jazz wanted to play some pop punk). hopefully someone enjoys as much as myself.

Welcome Home, Nemo-

Though lovers be lost love shall not.