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Started by rory, June 25, 2014, 08:54:23 AM

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Username Meaning: I wont eat cops because they are filthy
Location: San Diego, Ca

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: male

What You Do: Looking for work. Also looking into starting a collective/safe place in my city

Favorite Music: Days n Daze, Pat the bunny, moon bandits, andrew jackson jihad, mountain goats, star fucking hipsters, blackbird raum, grim luck, bomb the music industry, joyce manor, minor threat, germs, descendents, pup, mostly anarcho punk though

Likes: cats, dogs, animals, anarchism subreddit, my guitar, trailer park boys, drinkin 40s, chain-smoking, screaming along to my favorite songs, my truck

Pet Peeves: cops, rascism, sexism, nationalism, taxation, abuse, capitalism, hierarchy

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Quote from: Pwoink on June 28, 2014, 05:24:01 PM
Gender/Pronouns: Most people use feminine ones, but whatever your first instinct is is fine. Just please don't call me "woman" or "ma'am"[/img]

i agree with that last bit so much. i hate lady too.


Name:  murray

Username Meaning: my first name

Location: east bay, ca

Age: 26

Gender/Pronouns: male

What You Do: server backend engineer

Favorite Music: blithe sons, caroliner rainbow, defiance ohio

Likes: nature, communication, music, diy

Pet Peeves: arrogance, presumptions, self-unawareness, spite, jerks

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Name: Jen

Username Meaning: my parents picked it out

Location: Binghamton, NY

Age: 31

Gender/Pronouns: female

What You Do: bartender, logistics team member, artist, full time student, future dental hygienist, woman of science.

Favorite Music: the bananas, mountain goats, choking victim, moon duo, the toadies, etc., etc.

Likes: good tippers, warm weather, the beach, dogs, driving.

Pet Peeves: people who tailgate when you're going the speed limit.

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Name: Dakota

Username Meaning: It's my first and last names with no space in between!

Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 24

Gender/Pronouns: he / him

What You Do: student, soda-connoisseur, do a solo thing, play in a band called The Wild, puppy daddy, teacher

Favorite Music: PIX stuff mainly

Likes: soda, Sodapup, night driving, cooking for bands

Pet Peeves: poor grammar, people who abuse booking privileges / take advantage of DIY spaces, hearing the same question over and over again

Social Media:

21 Moreland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


Name: Josh

Username Meaning: It's my name

Location: Charleston, IL

Age: 18

Gender/Pronouns: they/them

What You Do: I write shitty songs sometimes

Favorite Music: I mean punk mainly (duh) but I also really like other stuff too like The Decemberists and The Mountain Goats, what have you.

Likes: Pizza, music, bike rides, guitars, Classic Doctor Who, 1940's Universal Monster Movies.

Pet Peeves: Coughing into your hand, clarinet squeeks

Social Media: Facebook:, Tumblr:

Sometimes I wish I could just pee on everything in the whole goddamned world.


Quote from: mynameisjawsh on July 08, 2014, 09:52:51 PM
Name: Josh

Username Meaning: It's my name

Location: Charleston, IL

I went to EIU. Just moved from Charleston last January.
LoganTheCheese, ya'll.



Name: Whitney

Username Meaning: My last initial ate and replaced my first initial

Location: rural North Carolina

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: I'mma lady

What You Do: I work for an e-waste recycler/ITAD company in CA coordinating electronic waste collection events that benefit non-profits. Applying for grad school in aerospace engineering. I'm also a roller derby referee and NSO. Oh! And I'm polishing up on my cake decorating skills to do that professionally-ish on the side.

Favorite Music: Thee Silver Mt Zion, Future Islands, Grimes, HRSTA, Pat Jordache, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Beach House, HangedUp, M83, Slowdive, Crystal Stilts. 

Likes: science, sci-fi, gamma ray bursts, cats, skating, roller derby, vegan food, decorating cakes, and I've been dreaming about this Vanilla Porter ever since I drank it the other day

Pet Peeves: meanies and hunters

Social Media: 

Photo: Already posted this in the pics thread, but..


Name: S.

Username Meaning: Well, that's the first letter of my name, basically. Genius, right ?

Location: Paris, France

Gender: M

Age: 26

Gender/Pronouns: H

What You Do
: french underground comicbooks author. And others art stuffs.

Favorite Music: Kimya Dawson, Defiance Ohio, Ramshackle Glory, Moldy Peaches, The Ramones, Daniel Johnston...

Likes: Drawings, punk songs, comicbooks, ukulele, cheap stuffs, lo-fi, sci-fi, art, cookies, madeleines, indie culture, old video games, striped shirts, sugar, panties, internet, cats, dogs, animals, humans, life, all, everything. Ka-boom.

Pet Peeves: Bras

Social Media:
My (french) blog :
Bandcamp Of my band :
Website :




Username Meaning:It's a ramshackle glory reference, sorta.

Location:Yuma AZ!


Gender/Pronouns:Male, though I'm perfectly ok with being called female pronouns as well.

What You Do:I work at a local store that specializes in skateboarding-style products.

Favorite Music:Snoop Dogg, Just Nick, any PTB works, The Taxpayers, The Wild, The World is a Beautiful Place And I am no Longer Afraid to Die

Likes:Root beer, video games, DIY culture, painting my guitar

Pet Peeves:People who think that the punk scene is something based on elitism, and pizza that is poorly made.

Social Media:


Name:  Chris

Username Meaning: Its a reference to The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix, which is one of my favorite book series (Great fantasy)

Location: Concord NH

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: Masculine/Male pronouns

What You Do: Bike, sing, make music, build things, fix things, and drive places

Favorite Music: Ramshackle Glory, Ghost Mice, AJJ, Arctic Monkeys, Mountain Goats, Giraffes? Giraffes!,
Amanda Palmer, Explosions in the Sky, Rush, Nana Grizol, mallory, and a list that just goes on for far too long

Likes: Star gazing, playing music, singing in the car, driving for long distances to see people, playing my guitar in an open tuning.

Pet Peeves: Barre chords, groupthink, and when you can't have special characters in a password.

Social Media: Tumblr - Facebook



Name:  Chris-Eugene-Chris

Username Meaning: It's one of my names

Location: San Diego, CA

Age: 23

What You Do: sk8, rock, book rockers, hang out, read?

Favorite Music: fifteen, crimp shrine, op: cliff clavin, paul simon, mitch the champ, patsy cline, TBIAPB, the ancient gods, toopin, belle and sebastion are some favs

Likes: I don't know.

Pet Peeves: I don't know

Social Media: youtube - smoothie wizard    Sk8boarding, shows, documentation, and other nonsense

Photo: I don't know


Where still doesn't let you put special characters in passwords??


Name: Dan

Username Meaning: Aegir is a Norse god that eats pirates. I came up with it when I was like 16 and it's been my username for most forums ever since.

Location: NJ

Age: 27

Gender/Pronouns: I don't know. But I have male parts so I'm used to he/him/etc.

What You Do: I quit my job a few months ago and I'm moving in with my parents at the end of the month. :(

Favorite Music:

Likes: Music, burritos



Name: Joe

Username Meaning: 

Location: Bloomington, IN

Age: 40

Gender/Pronouns: Male

What You Do:  Multimedia Artist/Musician/Philosopher

Favorite Music:  Ian MacKaye stuff, Nick Drake, Victory at Sea, Gillian Welch, Earl Sweatshirt, Imperial Can's Save Yourself, Neil Young, Moonshake, Band of Gypsys, Killer Mike

Likes:  Porch-sitting, walking, star-gazing, questioning everything, positive/thoughtful/daring people, irish exits.

Pet Peeves:  Nostalgia-holics, offensive driving, oppositional conversation addicts, long goodbyes.

Social Media: just this




Name: Alex Cassidy

Username Meaning: I think I stole it from The Taxpayers, I don't remember

Location: Northern Chicago suburbs

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: she

What You Do: I put cream cheese on overpriced bagels- but only for 2 more weeks! I quit! Woohoo!

Favorite Music: this stuff. I find cool stuff on bandcamp too.

Likes: punk stuff? history, trying to slowly learn banjo and accordion (I don't practice though). I'm a huge A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fan

Pet Peeves: Rudeness, racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/other-jerks, my lack of motivation to do things I want to do and have to do but wont because I dont freaking know

Social Media: I just made this a few minutes ago. Generally when I make a facebook I either delete it days later or just don't touch it ever. If you want to friend me, I might have to friend you I think, so just message me here. The more friends I get the less likely I am to delete it

Photo: This is the first photo I've ever posted online. I don't like doing that


Name: Michael Copeland

Username Meaning: its my name

Location: Crestview, FL

Age: 21

Gender/Pronouns: Male

What You Do: play guitar in a band called 'The Peekaboo Streaks' if you wanna check it out, here is the link

Favorite Music: Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra, Nana Grizol, High Dive, Kyle Hall, Modern Baseball, Mitch the Champ, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Mountain Goats, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin, Daniel Johston, stuff like that

Likes: Cheers, Andy Kaufman, cheap wine, diy music

Pet Peeves: none really come to mind

Social Media:


Name: Sydnee

Username Meaning: well my names Sydnee and I have a lot of problems. It's a nickname I've had going on 6 years now.

Location: Nasti nati, Ohio

Age: 20

Gender/Pronouns: female

What You Do: play the ukulele and wash board in a band called Boston molasses disaster, go to cool places, beg fo yo money, sometimes I get a job.

Favorite Music: Kimyadawson, Andrew Jackson jihad, days n daze, ghost mice, the mountain goats, and Pat the bunny

Likes: star gazing,  hiking, swimming, ice cream cones, dogs, cats, loud music, dancing like a bafoon, not having to care about anything, space bags and your face.

Pet Peeves: people who chomp when they eat, and dog poop.

Social Media: look up Sydnee problems on Facebook, you'll find me


connor, I just realized you live in san diego. what area?


Name: Nathan

Username Meaning: It's my first name! (old username was RaRow90)

Location: Corvallis, OR

Age: 24

Gender/Pronouns: Male / He

What You Do: I play music with my band, I put out music with my label. I go to shows, I hangout.

Favorite Music:

Likes: Music, zines, shows, general punk stuff. Also art stuff, making my house look nice, and I love storage solutions.

Pet Peeves: sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, jerkrs being jerks, edgy "I thought punk was about pushing the boundaries when did we become so PC?" internet dudes

Social Media:

Photo: I'm in the middle my partner Indiana is on the right and my best friend Tyler is on the left. This is us on tour in Kansas!


Name: James

Username Meaning: Years ago I asked Jeremy to change my username to whatever he wanted, and he decided on "Cat_Mom_2004" for a reason I can't remember.

Location: UK

Age: 27

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

What You Do: finishing up a PhD thesis on Gilles Deleuze, teaching art history and cultural theory, and editing a philosophy/cultural theory journal. other than that i read fiction, play guitar, sink way too much time into turn-based strategy games... you know, life stuff.

Favorite Music: noise, jazz, superchunk.

Likes: caffeine, sound, sleep, wrassling

Pet Peeves: pffffff

Social Media:



Quote from: catmom on August 16, 2014, 05:49:07 AM
Username Meaning: Years ago I asked Jeremy to change my username to whatever he wanted, and he decided on "Cat_Mom_2004" for a reason I can't remember.

i remember that... I was super envious.  I think yr missing the beauty by leaving off the "2004", though, James.