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This was a pretty good thread that was going on the old forum, and now that we're at a fresh start and there's been some bolstering towards new activity here, maybe an intro thread would be nice. We all get to know each other slowly though posting, but it always helps me to have a name and face to the posting, even if my memory is kind of terrible at this sort of thing.

This is sort of how I remember the old one being structured, and it was pretty good. Add anything you want to that you feel this is lacking.


Username Meaning:




What You Do:

Favorite Music:


Pet Peeves:

Social Media:


add social media sites or home pages, all you fools.

Name: Rory

Username Meaning: It's my dang name

Location: Kalamazoo, MI, US

Age: 25

Gender/Pronouns: Genderqueer / run the gamut of pronouns, close friends use they/them

What You Do: I play bass in a couple of bands, book shows at my house with 7 other folks, and often draw flyers for events around town. I help run a site called, which is sort of a local DIY booking informational site about upcoming events, and helps keep the houses/cool bars in touch to work together. I work part time at a coffee shop, bike everywhere to avoid getting a license, and generally try and keep myself busy with music, art, reading (but very often find myself online).

Favorite Music:

Likes: Live and recorded music, trusting friends, bikes, mopeds, film photography, coffee, so much coffee, queer theory, DIY, creating little things, cats, youtube videos of animals.

Pet Peeves: Inconsiderate people, especially in the sense of being unaware of the space you are taking up, but in many other ways too. Bad customers or anyone terrible to waitstaff. using the phone.

Social Media:


Name: hannah bee

Username Meaning: ...

Location: toronto, canada

Age: age questions kind of bother me

Gender/Pronouns: female, she or they

What You Do: i work in a vegan bakery and i make soap and do craft stuff

Favorite Music: i h8 music. nah seriously, i don't even know anymore

Likes: veganism, pizza, chocolate cake, animals, queer babes, exploring

Pet Peeves: mean people, shitty people, most people, mushrooms

Social Media: |


sorry :/ i dunno how to make that less big


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