creative 80s hardcore

Started by pronetoaccidents, November 28, 2016, 12:42:10 PM

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the genre had a tendency to be formulaic, repetitious, redundant, etc (as do almost all genres). However, I've always liked the bands that threw in a unique twist of their own..

essential mix of hardcore punk/classic rock/mad man vocals (went on to make drastically different sounding music, but not in a "sell-out manner", more a creative evolution)

ridiculous. disgusting. absurd. awesome.

steely dan/CCR influenced punk rock. unwavering in their d.i.y. ethics. by all accounts awesome dudes.

the singer Doc Corbin Dart, changed his name to 26 and lives in caves and renounced swearing. Also, pretty much everything single Styrofoam cup you find anywhere whatsoever says Dart on it, which is his families company.  They weren't too happy that he decided to play in a ridiculous punk rock band called The Crucifucks and I believe had nothing to do with him.

Though lovers be lost love shall not.