Beginning of a comic I'm writing and solely introduced cast

Started by pronetoaccidents, November 05, 2016, 12:40:53 PM

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It seems a bit jumbled because I didn't explain the situation/or any context really but this is what i got and i'd loved to start up another post your art and writing thread. anyhow without further ado...

The Moon Child (quarantined in cell named Infinities Mirror)

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth".- Buddha

The hermetica- on the "moon " –"lost wisdom of the pharaohs/the creations of humankind


ONE Moon Child/ A.K.A. Patient (-0)
Ethnicity- Atlantis Blood Line. Pale complexion (similar to false depictions of white jesus), grey eyes. Blonde Hair which deepens at age 4)
Currently: Held in quarantine (Infinities Miorror.) Sensory Deprivation since birth (was confiscated from a heroin addicted woman in a hospital in Detroit. Father not known. Birth and subsequent cutting of umbilical cords was the only tendril of leniency for error)in cell. Sedative gas pumped daily, intravenous fluid, food, vitamins supplied.)
WHY? –More on this absurd situation after more introductions.
TWO Professor Eugene Thoth/(no nickname worth, mentioning here)
Ethnicitiy- Sicilian. Olive complexion . deep green eyes. Pomade slicked back).
Drugs Of Choice- Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, barbiturates, H20, Vagina, 02, Lithium,. Valiuem.)
Deposition- Sometimes sufferes migraines, melancholy (Don't we all?), Madness (repeat prior insertion)
Creditionals- Sociology/Neuroscience Professor. (Published Work)- Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease). Studied Trivium (grammar/logic, rhetoric) and quadrivium (arithmetic/geometery/music, astromony, Tarot Reader.

THREE Dr. Phoenix Bathis/ A.K.A. (Kthulu)
Ethnicitiy/Description- Welsh. Pale, blue eyes, blonde hair but shaved to the skin. Heavily tattooed (Lovecraft, Black Magic, Thorbbing Gristle Tattos, more, etc.). Heavily Pierced.
Drugs of Choice- microdose LSD for depression, caffeine, Dexedrine, I.V. cocaine, sex addiction)
Credentials- Higher Doctorate/substantial portfolio of compositions/scholarly pubications DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)/sociomusicology/music physics, acoustics self researched.  Makes homemade noise splice tapes that are actually quite beautiful if the drugs are right or you can relax for a moment and listen and forget your problems.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.