What are you doing with your life?

Started by Milpool, June 23, 2014, 12:50:23 AM

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 I'm honestly curious about how y'all are doing.  I've been posting on the board for almost 9 years now and many of you have been posting longer and your lives are sure to have changed over time.  I started posting on this board when I was 15 and now I'm 24 and am about to decide on where my life should head now.

I got to thinking about this because of Plan It X Fest, which is currently going on and I'm not there.  I went to the last 2 and it breaks my heart that I'm not watching bands and eating breakfast and getting drunk with all my friends from around the world.  The reason I can't go is because I'm in an intensive summer school program finishing up the last two classes to graduate with my degree in supply chain management.  These are the two classes I've had the most difficulty with since starting university almost 5 years ago, but I'm doing well and will definitely pass and be finished by August.

I currently work part time at my university's music library and have been here for almost a year now.  My first academic library job was a little over 3 years ago in a different library on campus and I didn't enjoy it much so I quit to get back in the food and beverage industry which was a blast.  The hours sucked and were long, but the money was great and the job was fun and my restaurant got to be in the Wall Street Journal, the Zaggat Guide, and countless online journals.  I was having fun, but the hours were too crazy so I quit to come back to standardized library life and sort of fell in love with libraries again.  In my spare time I design t-shirts and other clothes for a small clothing line I own, as well as making posters for local shows.  I've gotten to do posters for some pretty big bands that I never would've thought I'd have the opportunity to draw for.  Some bands include OFF!, Ringworm, Terror, Austin Lucas, Saw Wheel, and FIDLAR.

After I graduate, I hope to continue working in a library, preferably academic, or work at a silk-screening/t-shirt place.  I love my hometown, Houston, very much so if I'm able to land a job here I plan on renting out some office space at my friend's skate warehouse to continue running the t-shirt/clothing and poster business.  The skate warehouse is a huge warehouse some friends of mine rented out in my neighborhood and built some ramps/transitions, benches, and rails in there to skate around in.  I have no idea how they plan on making money off the place to keep it afloat, but I've been once and it was awesome and I took a gander at some of their business plans and talked to a few of their investors and everything seems to be going on track.  If I land a job elsewhere, the only other city I'm willing to move to is Austin because it's pretty safe up there compared to where I live now, as far as violent crime goes.  I've gotten a few career leads in New York City, which would be cool because I dig rent control and urban density and the violent crime is also lower there, but I'm not sure if I'm down to live in another big city again.  I love Bloomington every time I visit so I've been considering moving up there, even though I don't know if I could deal with the cold.  They have one of the best music and business colleges in the country so I occasionally run into a book or a student at my library that is from Bloomington and it makes me miss it terribly.

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Are you still in LA or are you gonna move back to a tiny Midwestern town?

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I'm in LA working on Undercover Boss until near the end of the year, then I have no idea what I'm doing but I assume I'll be staying here because I'll probably have to sign a new lease soon. Trying to find a second part time job right now but no luck so far. If I could do that and make some extra money, so many problems would be solved.

I've had a moderately enjoyable year so far, but it comes and goes. Less so lately because I think I have arthritis and it's been bothering me a lot for the last three or four weeks.

I've drank an embarrassment of amazing beer and just went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and Rectify is finally back though. That about sums up my life.


i am currently the assistant manager at a store called torrid, which for those who don't know is a trendy clothing store for plus size "women" (in quotes because i mean it IS a women's store by normal standards but we do sell to every gender and like half of my customers are drag queens or cross-dressers). I am pretty passionate about fashion for fat girls, but working a corporate job is pretty annoying. I am currently "on track" to be promotable in 6 months, meaning I would be ready to take over and run my own store. The company is looking at opening at least two more locations in the portland area and I am being considered for managing one of them. I am torn about making that commitment because I'm really not interested in working for the company for more than 2 more years at most, but i would make great money and if i did it for that long, it would be much easier to save up for tattoo school, which is what I really want to do. oregon requires tattoo artists to go to tattoo school and complete a predetermined curriculum (which a lot of people hate but I feel like it suits my learning style and personality way more than seeking out an apprenticeship). i think being a tattoo artist would suit me really well and i think i could be pretty awesome at it. BUT tattoo school is like ten grand, and I'm already in hella debt from going halfway through actual college and came up empty handed there, so i am weary. my alternate dream is to open my OWN fat girl store that would sell plus size vintage alongside independent designers and after taking some classes to perfect my sewing and pattern making skills, i would launch my own fashion line. a few stores like this already exist in portland so the market is pretty saturated so I'd probs have to move to make that legitimately work.

non-professionally, there are reasons to believe i might be engaged by the end of the year, so my future-plan-making motivations are changing a little, shifting from solo-mode to partner-mode. My boo is working towards being able to do acting full time, we're both working towards getting out of debt, and have humble goals like "buy a little house with a yard" and "move to canada".

otherwise i'm working really hard on being a responsible grown up, getting organized and keeping our place maintained, not being in lazy stoner teenage mode anymore. i also am going to learn how to drive by the end of next year. I GUESS


I'm going through a rough spot mentally, so I'm just going to say that I have an awesome job. I'm a behavior therapist with kids with autism and it's the one bright spot in my life right now. I'm really good at it, my kids are awesome and hilarious, and I make ballin' money to do something I love.


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Things have been dull, then stressful, then worrisome, with little spurts of disappointment and fear.

I have been living above my mom's garage for longer than I expected to....two years now, I think. One of my employers went bankrupt, nobody wants Chinese food, and I've been recently looking for another job. I've been writing a lot, drawing very little, and desperately wishing I could play music again, though I'm starting to think that ship has fuckin' sailed. I can't hold onto any focus with any of my projects and I'm tired constantly. Mostly I just want to watch Netflix and fall asleep, and I'm not even overworked or anything.

My partner is the best person in my life, and she's been going through a lot of shit I don't want to talk about here, and I feel like there's nothing I can do to make it better.

My cat is obese. I have to poop.
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I'm going nowhere fast. I live in a small town where employment opportunities are nonexistent even though I'm qualified for most physical labor jobs and office jobs. If I'm gonna go anywhere in life I know I need to move away but there's terrible guilt tripping from my family about it and I don't know if I could take that.

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Oh yea....how dare you rob them of watching you be unemployed and miserable, gradually inching toward crippling depression; eventually making a sculpture of Morrisey eating an egg out of earwax. How dare you.
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I live with my mom in a city that bores me to tears most of the time.  I don't want to stay here and probably couldn't lay down roots if I tried, so I'm working on bettering myself-- I've been doing a lot of exercise and feel better physically than at any point in my life, and I'm trying to improve my Spanish.  I have a job that I like that's in my field, but it's only part time, so I'm looking for other library jobs elsewhere.  The market's bad, so the job hunt is taking way longer than expected, but I'm making it work and managing my anxiety surprisingly well right now.


After almost a year of living in Southern California, I'm moving back to my hometown-ish area in rural North Carolina for financial reasons. I'm working in community outreach for an e-waste recycler based here in CA and they're letting me telecommute, which is cool. I really don't like my company most days due to seemingly shady business practices and my unqualified boss. The good news is I'll get the same salary and can save up for grad school in aerospace engineering.

In the past year I've been through a broken ankle (today marks 7 months since that happened! Crazy!) and, shortly after, a broken heart at the hands of my long term partner I thought I would spend the rest of my life with who I moved across the country with, but my ankle is healing and my heart is healed for the most part and I'm kind of ready for a change of scenery.

So in a week I'll be living in an awesome one-room house on the lake in my grandparents' backyard for free where I can work from home and pet my cat all day. Then at night I'll be with a new roller derby league where I'll be working towards becoming a WFTDA certified referee once my skating skills are where they need to be.

Things are looking up. I'll get to hang with my family and old friends and I'll be able to have some extra cash with which to visit my friends in CA.


I'm living in a house called Milhouse, and wondering why the kid pool on our porch known as Milpool is asking me about my life.

I have a real answer for this but I got back from PIXfest and my whole self is fried.
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i live in toronto, ontario and am working my tail off to get my vegan hot dog cart off the ground. it is called "rescue dogs," and will have all homemade vegan hot dogs, cheese sauce, chilli, coleslaw, and a slew of other things. until then i am managing a restaurant, doing a bunch of writing, and taking lots of photos at shows and around town. i have a really rad partner with whom i have been spending a lot of time, and things really seem to be on equal footing and mutually positive, which is great.


i'm a pipe coverer for local 32 in new jersey. I'm a dad and my son is finishing 2nd grade on wednesday. The only part of this that I plan to change until I retire is which grade my son has graduated.
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I have been off the streets for a while. Im stayin at my moms house, livin in a gazebo. Its ok I get to have my dogs. I got a job workin long hours shit pay. Im really missin the streets. I see myself gettin momentum, but downhill.


100 mile bike trips, whiskey and a wild woman.



Lindsey I've been trying to figure out how to move to the West Coast for like 9 months now. It's too damn expensive out there, man. I am planning another trip out there later this year, though probably back to SF.

Glen, you always sound like a really great dad.


Glen (or is it Glenn?), your life sounds like a Springsteen song.


recently moved to toronto from the uk, settling in, working in a vegan bakery and trying to do a lot of my own craft stuff, hoping to visit a bunch of places i have never been to this side of the world. basically.


Lol thanks Courtney! And Milpool that's funny and awesome. ( 1 N )
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I am currently unemployed and living in a high-rise with my bandmate and partner in Hulme in England. I don't have many qualifications and my work experience is all within the same field and I've had no luck finding a job since leaving my old one in Feb. I had to leave my old job as it caused me too much anxiety. I had a manager bullying me because I took issue with a rape joke he posted on the online staff page, and I was being intimidated by a macho superviser who I'd witnessed sexually harrassing a staff member. The staff member left shortly afterwards, and I reported it and left the job shortly after her. He used to say things about how if I said something he wouldn't be able to feed his kids, and if he couldn't do that he'd snap He's ended up losing his job and I'm pretty worried about him seeing me now.  I am currently surviving by selling my things on ebay  :(

Now I'm pretty confused about what I'm doing. I have no faith in finding a job and I'm really depressed to be totally honest. I don't see myself as having any value and I just feel like a burden to those who care about me. I'm trying to write a documentary on the history of early animation that I have loads of research for, but I'm not sure how I'd make money from it. I'm also writing a new album with my band. Hopefully we'll be able to make some money from it with digital sales and be able to get physical copies made and maybe get a ball rolling with that. I'd like to start a label, I fantasize about it all the time. I have loads of handsewn handpainted cd cases me and my partner made, but I'm too bad for starting projects and losing faith and never finishing them.


Not much of anything at the moment. I just moved back home after living on the other side of  the state for a little over a year, I passed my nursing certification exam so that's a good thing, but its been a few months and I'm still short on job options.

I really just want to go back to school at this point.

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My answers in this thread are a real bummer. My apologies.