What are you doing with your life?

Started by Milpool, June 23, 2014, 12:50:23 AM

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I just put in my month's notice at the best job I've had to date: Volunteer Coordinator and Kennel Technician at a small, non-profit, no-kill animal shelter.  Very bitter sweet, and I'm really hoping that sweetness will overcome.  I think it will; at this point, though, I think I'll continue to be an emotional wreck for at least the next month.

Plans for after this:
Tour, meet up with old friends at the Woody fest, record songs.
Finish going to all the states in the US other than Hawaii and Alaska for now. (Basically need to go to Oregon, Washington, and the midwest)
Hike the Appalachian Trail
Work at a Ski Resort


I have been avoiding this thread because when i think about answering it i get really sad....then mad [at myself]....then make grand plans....start to enact them.... but its gonna be like, a year or more before i'll have anything worthwhile to say... to be continued
Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back breakfast


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recently moved to toronto from the uk, settling in, working in a vegan bakery and trying to do a lot of my own craft stuff, hoping to visit a bunch of places i have never been to this side of the world. basically.
That's quite a life shakeup, Hannah! I didn't know you had moved recently. What spurred the move? Was it hard to basically shake the etch-a-sketch of your life and start a new one in a new place?

well i've moved around a lot in the uk and for a long time i'd wanted to move abroad but for ages i couldn't decide where exactly. i'd considered mainland europe because it's not that hard to move there but my heart wasn't set on it, and i'd wanted to move to america because there's so much to explore and i have friends in various parts, but it's hard to move there from the uk. then i found out i could apply for a working visa for canada but that i only had a limited amount of time to apply so i just went for it and applied as soon as the next bunch were released, and that was that. i'd been planning it for about a year and a half before actually moving, and it was a scary thing as i'd never lived abroad before and had to scale down my belongings a huge amount, but i'm totally glad i did it and now i just want to explore all the new places i am now so much closer to.