Bands looking for shows in New York State

Started by jennifer, June 16, 2014, 08:31:17 AM

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Long time no see, plan-it-x board!

Hi, my name is Jen, I used to set up shows in Binghamton NY (about ten years ago), and be very active on this board. Anyway, I have returned to Binghamton, and work at a bar that does punk and metal shows pretty much every Friday and Saturday. I'm not setting them up personally as I am generally dancing/serving up drinks behind the bar, but am in close contact with the people who do. If your band is looking for a show in upstate NY, feel free to contact me on here, or for a quicker response, email me at

Unfortunately, because it is a bar, these shows need to be +21, the bar is too small for there to be any separation between the music and the alcohol. If you can't do +21, or are just super against it but would still like to play here, let me know. We have a few venues that can do all ages, but the shows are fewer and far between.

For those of you who have been kicking around for a while and remember Binghamton fondly, it's still a super fun place to play! And for those of you who remember Binghamton not-so-fondly, we've totally mellowed out in our old age, I swear! ;)




Just got word that the people who ran an old punk house in Binghamton NY now have a new place and are ready to do basement shows again.


i'm trying to do a show in the backyard of my apartment and i want any band that wants to play and hang so yeah, come do that. it's gotta be on a weekend cuz i work weeks.. so like yeah, saturday or sunday is best. saturday because we can shred later. i got some cool bands up my sleeve i haven't revealed yet. i like that approach, hold out on the big guns to give the smaller, unknown ones a fair chance to rock the fuck out with whatever their genital is out... lemme know if you got a got a band, or got a guitar/harmonica/banjo/skinflute, ukulele and wanna sing over it, come through.. i would prefer it to punk as fuck but i'm open minded and want any/all bands/acts that are anti-establishment, extreme, bizarre, raw and real... hip hops cool but i highly doubt anyone will actually come and do that. my brother does pretty rowdy electric shit and he's doing that with a live drummer over it, an insane anarchist buddy of mine who used to play drums in my band FCNG before his nervous breakdown. so.. come to new york and play it. you can crash at my place after... don't mind the cute girlfriend and bunny rabbit ( i have a cracksmoking alcoholic transvestite roommate but she keeps to herself and doesn't really venture out the room)
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