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Started by hatmoose, June 15, 2016, 09:08:08 PM

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sorry if i'm posting a thread that already exists, but, podcast thread!

i listen to 'the best show' with tom scharpling a lot, i've grown to love listening to him complain for 3 hours every week

i also like 'you must remember this' which is just about hollywood history bullshit but it's really cool, it's fun to listen to

post the f*cking podcasts you listen to and ask for some recommendations
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I mainly just listen to Comedy Bang Bang and WTF. Everything Is Stories is pretty cool sometimes.

I used to listen to Who Charted? but now all they do is plug the same shit over and over again while listening to dumb garbage.


what's the straight dope on WTF, is that the good stuff? do i just pull up episode 1 or should i listen to the most recent episode

i guess now that i'm thinking about it i listen to other stuff too, i really like 'hollywood handbook' but it's like so stupid it's hard to recommend

that is one thing about podcasts, there are some that you have to 'get into' more than others
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Maron's episodes mostly depend on who he interviews. A lot of recent ones have been pretty terrible but the Louie Anderson one is pretty great. The William Friedkin  one from a few months ago is good too. Steve-O, Todd Haynes, and John Lurie as well, except for Maron continually calling John Lurie "dude."


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Let's try this again! My list is pretty long because I listen to podcasts a lot.  Like probably 25-30 hours of them a week at the very least.  I have a mostly non-phone job in a call center, so I rely on headphones drowning out 10 people all talking on the phone at once, and I find I focus better while listening to stories and stuff better than when listening to music. 

My main podcast jam right now is My Brother, My Brother, and Me.  I started from the beginning two-ish months ago and am in the 160's right now. 

My top two favorites are Welcome to Night Vale and Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Other stuff I keep current with:
The Black Tapes
History of Westeros
Storm of Spoilers
Baby Geniuses
The Dead Author's Podcast (even though has dropped from monthly to occasional)
We Got This with Mark and Hal
Alice Isn't Dead
Still Buffering
Unabashed Book Snobbery
The Fanwankers (only their GoT reviews)
Ronald D. Moore's Outlander Podcast
Drunk on Disney
CLONECAST (Although, I've kind of fallen behind these season because of Orphan Black running concurrent to GoT and the great big MBMBaM archive binge)

I also enjoy and/or am planning on making my way through the archives of these once I'm caught up on MBMBAM:
The JV Club with Janet Varney
Comedy Bang Bang
We're Alive
Wolf 359
Serial (I've only listened to season 1, though)
Bunker Buddies
Til Death Do Us Blart
Nerdist Writer's Panel
Terrified with Dave Ross

Night Vale Presents just dropped a new podcast yesterday called Within the Wires that I'm also finding pretty excellent.


Amanda, I'm currently going through all of MBMBaM as well, but I listen to new ones as they come out, so I'm attacking it from both ends.

I listen to WTF as mentioned, but only if I have an interest in the guest. Same with Nerdist.

Judge John Hodgman
Four Eyes and Beard when it's released every six months or whatever
Uhh Yeah Dude

and a bunch more that i don't necessarily follow regularly but will drop in on from time to time
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The only podcast I regularly listen to is Hearing Things, Seeing Double.

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Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


The Best Show with Tom Scharpling
How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner
Ronna & Beverly
You Must Remember This with Katrina Longworth
I Was There Too

Oh, and I make one. It's a series of audio collages made from phone voice memos publicly and  inadvertently shared in P2P world: http://commercialinteriors.bandcamp.com

It's a work in progress and will probably evolve/shift gears.


I like the Adventures of Danny and Mike. And sometimes check out Kevin Smith's random podcasts.


This American Life
Skeptics Guide To The Universe


I've been working the back catalog of Skeptic's Guide into my podcast rotation too!

I've gotten really hyper focused on spooky or science fiction-y audio dramas for the last two weeks because my mom is has really aggressive cancer and podcasts with a storyline and some mystery to them are like the only thing that really helps me to be able to switch from all consuming worry/anger/sadness mode to be able to focus on accomplishing things at work.  In this quest to compartmentalize, I've listened to everything currently available for and enjoyed The Bright Sessions, The Message, Archive 81, Small Town Horror, and The Bridge.  I've also listened to some of King Falls AM and liked it okay, but not as much as some others.  I'm also starting ars PARADOXICA and am pretty stoked on that.

Also, Kyle Kinane's new podcast The Boogie Monster is really fun if you like Kyle Kinane and also the paranormal and cryptids stuff.


Oh man I didn't know Kinane had a podcast. I like him, but that topic doesn't sound interesting to me at all. I'll give it a shot though, see if he can get me interested.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


Alice Isn't Dead was phenomenal