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Full album stream of the GET BENT Discography! Remastered in all its glory. Check out the *Previously Unreleased song too!:


Tender Defender (3/4 Latterman) premiere new song & announce 12":

TENDER DEFENDER is a new band compromised of ex- Latterman members Phil Douglas (Iron Chic), Mattie Jo Canino (RVIVR), Pat Schramm (Bridge & Tunnel/Young Ladies).

Listen to "Hello Dirt" here:

The band will be playing their first show August 16th @ Saint Vitus in Brooklyn along with Big Eyes, Shellshag & Aye Nako, as a benefit for a friends cancer fight.

"Hello Dirt" was tracked in December '14 and will be appearing on a yet-to-be-titled 12" Mini-LP on Long Island's, Dead Broke Rekerds (

More info:


The Basement Benders sounds awesome and I can't fucking wait to check em out. It has members of some of my favorite bands of all time, Sexy? Future Virgins? Dark Rides? Cleveland Bound Death Sentence? This Bike is a FUCKING pipe bomb? Goddamn!!!

Prince also sounds ridiculously rowdy and right down my awesome, filthy alley..

I'd listen to them both if i only had a pair of headphones at the moment.. sign.

Only one I'm not too pysched on is the tender defender one.. the 3/4 latterman member one, which will probably mean that they will sound exactly like every other band that has spun off from latterman, who i used to love, when i was like 14 and they played basement shows not too far from where i grew up, same as this record label, dead broke, but i grew tired of latterman after their first full length, up the punk well be singing. i just get tired of their "thing", i dunno, i can't really describe it. and any band that sounds like iit.
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Two new totally sick 12" Vinyl Releases available now from DEAD BROKE REKERDS!

CAVES- "Leaving" 1-Sided 12" (Clear+Orange swirl vinyl w/ Screen-printed B-Side!!!)

North American release of England's noisy pop-punk masters' latest 8-song 12". Bristol, UK punks CAVES' third album. Pressed on a 1-Sided 12" this time around, with a limited version of 100 copies on Clear/Orange swirl vinyl with Screen-printed B-Side. Full color album jackets and inner sleeves, this one is a beaut. Brilliant, fast-paced, lo-fi, beautifully melodic pop-punk thats perfect in all the right places.

"Throughout the existence of Caves, there has been one constant tenet to which they have subscribed: DIY. The Bristol trio have spent the last 6 years touring the UK, Europe, and the East Coast USA, spreading their passionate punk to as many who want to hear... During those past 5 years, they've found a niche in the "edgier" pop-punk scene, evolving from lo-fi and in your face to less lo-fi and in your face. 'Leaving' is best described as an experiment for Caves, both in design and concept. However, what makes it truly impressive is its ability to retain and expand the sound catalyzed a record earlier, while maintaining an audacious vigor. " -InYourSpeakers

Pre-order Clear+Orange swirl vinyl w/ Screen-printed B-Side now! Limited to 100 total.
Listen/download Caves:

CASUAL- Self-Titled LP (Clear/White mix vinyl!)

Full-length debut from this New Jersey melodic, indie pop-punk band. Ex-members of NONA, Caseracer, Pinkus & more. "The members of Casual have been the catalyst for keeping the tiny suburban community of Flemington, New Jersey on the punk map over the past five years. Through a "members of" list that's nearly a decade long and four states wide, as well as their involvement with a DIY space that's become a home to touring bands looking for a spot to play between Philly and New York, their brand of witty, technical "pot punk" has been turning heads for a couple of years. Now, Casual – guitarists Mike Haller and Jeff Hersch, bassist Liz Parsons, and drummer Joe Brendel – is finally dropping their self-titled full length on Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds. Casual is a fantastic first effort for a band that's quietly building a reputation for their energetic live show."- P.Blest (Split release w/ Square of Opposition Records)

Pre-order Limited Clear/White mix vinyl now! Limited to 100 total, each label has 50 available.
(Also available via

Listen/download Casual:

Get both of these and thousands more @:


this guy has done art that mentioned you guys by name. was curious if he is your current artist as some similarity in style to a few of these records. Might want to reconsider him
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Quote from: AaronTheCabe on August 26, 2015, 05:46:43 PM

this guy has done art that mentioned you guys by name. was curious if he is your current artist as some similarity in style to a few of these records. Might want to reconsider him

Yes we know about this. He is not now, nor has been an artist for us and his art hasn't been on anything we made.


TWO NEW RELEASES from Dead Broke Rekerds Shipping Now!!!!!!

HORACE PINKER- "Recover" 7" EP

Brand new 7" EP from long-standing Chicago-area punk rock veterans. Originally
from Arizona, Horace Pinker has been churning out their blend of melodic & powerful punk rock anthems for nearly 25 years. And they still fucking got it. Their first 7" release in almost 20 years. Woah. Follow-up release to 2011's full length album, "Local State Intertia". Recorded & Mastered by Mass Giorgini. Featuring Dan Lumley (Riverdales/Squirtgun) on drums. 100 on Limited Clear Vinyl, 400 on Black vinyl.

VACATION- "Back To The Land" 7" Single

New VACATION 7" Single! Hot off the heels of the bands' newest full-length album, "Non Person" on Don Giovanni Records, we bring you 2 Unreleased exclusive songs cut from the bands', "Candy Waves" album (Lets Pretend Records). 2 vastly different versions of an unreleased track, "Back To The Land". Both versions are widly different, style-wise and performance-wise. Not just an alternate recording. Two completely different versions of this song from these Ohio spazzed-out lo-fi punk rockers. 100 on Limited Clear Orange, 100 on Opaque Red, 300 on Black vinyl. Shipping now!

Buy these 7"s and so much more at:

Up Next! :
The Soviettes- "Rarities" LP
Tenement "Bruised Music" Vol.1 TAPE
Tenement- "Blind Wink" TAPE (Repress)
We/Ours- "Pretty Out There" TAPE
Unfun- "Waterboarding" TAPE
Witches With Dicks- "Not Another Passing Season" 1-Sided 12"
Tender Defender- 12" Mini-LP


***CAVES- "Leaving" 1-Sided 12" PREORDER UPDATE*** :

Unfortunately, due to problems at the pressing plant beyond our control, we had to change the Colored Vinyl for the CAVES Preorder. But no fear, it will actually look even cooler than it was supposed to!!! The record will now be on PINK VINYL with a 2-Color Fade Screen-printed B-Side (Limited to 100). Heres a mock-up photo (not guaranteed to be exact) of how sick this is gonna look ...

Well, the records are pressed and off to the screen-printer & these should FINALLY be SHIPPING End of *OCTOBER. So sorry for the massive delays. Sit tight. Black vinyl available now! You can still grab a Pink Screen-printed variant (but not for long) in our Distro Store:


Dead Broke Short-Run Cassette Series One! (Petal Head, Mouth, Biz Models)

Available Now @!!!

Business Models- "Room" Tape

Lost album from this short lived trio of chaotic, quirky, poppy melodic punk. (Mem. of Man Without Plan, Algernon Cadwallader & Dogs on Acid.)


Long Island, NY sludge post punk rock. (ex- Sainthood Reps & Sister Kisser)

Petal Head- "Raspberry Cough' Tape

Long Island Indie Shoe-gaze. (Ex- Seawave)

*Limited to 25 copies per tape.
Buy the whole set and save some bucks! All 3 tapes for $12!

Available digitally @
Or click here for a playlist of songs from all three releases:


THE SOVIETTES- "Rarities" LP Reissue PREORDERS up now @ &

Proper Reissue release of the long-lost SOVIETTES collection of 7"s, B-Sides and non-lp songs! Previously available on a now defunct label and now distributed and widely-available for the first time. Split release w/ Rad Girlfriend Records. 300 Black, 100 Green (Dead Broke) 100 Yellow (Rad Girlfriend) vinyl. Shipping sometime in December!

Grab the limited color vinyl now!!!


TENDER DEFENDER- S/T 12" Mini-LP (ex- Latterman) Streaming + Preorder!

Debut 5 song 12" from 3/4 new Latterman band, Tender Defender.
(Members of Iron Chic, RVIVR, Young Ladies & more.)

Full album stream on Noisey now:

Limited COLOR vinyl SOLD OUT!
Black vinyl still available, but it'll go quick, so get it @

Go catch them on tour soon...

Tender Defender US Dates:
April 8 - Boston, MA @ Non Factory w/ Witches With Dicks
April 9 - Long Island, NY @ Mr. Beerys w/ Wax Phantom
April 10 - Philisburg, NJ @ Warhouse
April 11 - Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle w/ Podacter
April 12 - Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus w/ Mikey Erg

European Dates:
April 14 - Berlin @ Bei Ruth
April 15 - Hannover @ Korn
April 16 - Hamburg @ TBA
April 17 - Köln @ Privat
April 18 - Brighton @ The Prince Albert
April 19 - Leeds @ Wharf Chambers
April 20 - Bristol @ The Exchange
April 21 - London @ VegBar
April 22 - Lille @ L'Imposture
April 23 - Zoersel @ JH JoeNiz
April 24 - Münster @ Baracke
April 25 - Erlangen @ Juz
April 26 - Stuttgart @ JuHa West
April 27 - Mainz @ Haus Mainusch
April 28 - Trier @ Mergener Hof w/ Iron Chic


DAN PADILLA / PRINCE- Split 7" EP Available Now!!!

Long overdue Split 7" EP from veteran California punks (Dan Padilla) & Austin, TX. pop punkers (Prince). Dan Padilla is one of THEE best west coast melodic punk band & includes members of Tiltwheel, Madison Bloodbath & more. This is sadly, their last release. So fucking get it. Prince, yes they're called Prince, get over it... is some kick ass garage-y, lo-fi pop-punk from a buncha jerks that played in: Dude Jams!, Punkin Pie, Huff Stuff Magazine & others they probably don't want me to mention.
(Comes w/download code). 400 Black vinyl, 100 Opaque Blue vinyl.


Listen/download here:


 :) ;) >:( 8) ::) :P :-*

New Dead Broke Releases! Rats Rest EP, Deep Pockets EP, Chandeli'ers LP!


DEEP POCKETS- "Nice Life" 7" EP

Brooklyn, NY indie punk from members of Everything Sucks, Brain Slug, Bearchild & more. Follow up EP to their debut full-length, "You Feel Shame". 300 pressed on Clear Blue vinyl. Comes w/download. (*Digital download includes bonus track)
Video premiere on BrooklynVegan, check it out:

RATS REST- "On The Eastside" 7" EP

Kansas-City melodic punk rock. Melodic, gritty, raging Region Rock style punk rock that we've grown so fond of over the years. This is the shit right here. Get on the damn train, ya hippie. (Members of: Hello Shitty People, Constant Insult, Hard Feelings, Street Legal+)


Chandeli'ers first full-length album. And their sophmore release. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Chandeli'ers bring you some pop-soaked rock & roll from ex-members of Ringers, The Besties, World Inferno Friendship Society & more. "Breaker" is a pop masterpiece gushing with rock influences from Elvis Costello to The Boss. If you like power-pop, then THIS is your summer soundtrack. Split release w/ Dirt Cult Records. (Comes w/ download) First 100 copies on BLUE vinyl!

FROZEN TEENS- Self-Titled TAPE / Digital

Minneapolis' garage punkers' 2012 full-length album, pressed on a high-quality Cassette. 100 pressed on White Tapes w/ Red Imprinting. (Comes w/ download) Album available digitally everywhere now for the first time! New 12" Coming in 2016 on Dead Broke!

Order these and so much more good shit @
Check out our huge DISTRO store with thousands of vinyl records, tapes, cds, zines & more!

Still Fresh & New from Dead Broke Rekerds!!! :

TENDER DEFENDER- 12-Mini-LP/CD (ex-Latterman)
WITCHES WITH DICKS- "Not Just A Passing Season" 1-Sided 12" EP
UNFUN- "Waterboarding" TAPE