is it worth reading a pale white horse or is it just a maniacs rant in print?

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this one..

anyone read it?/know anything about it/..

This is what's its about, well, the table of contents at least.

Table Of Contents
Introduction ................................................................... 1
Foreword .................................................................... 5
Chapter 1 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars ..................................... 35
Chapter 2 Secret Societies and the New World Order ................. 67
Chapter 3 Oath of Initiation of an Unidentified Secret Order ... 99
Chapter 4 Secret Treaty of Verona .................................................103
Chapter 5 Good-by USA, Hello New World Order .......................109
Chapter 6 H.R. 4079 and FEMA
Federal Emergency Management Agency.....................121
Chapter 7 Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988
H.R.5210, P.L. 100-690................................................. 151
Chapter 8 Are the Sheep Ready to Shear? ..................................159
Chapter 9 Anatomy of an Alliance .............................................163
Chapter 10 Lessons from Lithuania .............................................179
Chapter 11 Coup de Grace ...........................................................183
Chapter 12 The Secret Government ............................................. 195
Chapter 13 Treason in High Places ................................................. 239
Chapter 14 A Proposed Constitutional Model
for the Newstates of America .......................................251
Chapter 15 Protocols of the Elders of Zion ................................... 267
Chapter 16 The Story of Jonathan May ........................................ 331
Chapter 17 Documentation: U.S. Army Intelligence
Connection with Satanic Church.................................. 361
Appendix A William Cooper's Military Service Record .................. 381
Appendix B UFOs and Area 51 ...................................................... 397
Appendix C Alien Implants .......................................................... 442
Appendix D AIDS ............................................................................. 445
Appendix E New World Order ..................................................... 448
Appendix F U.S. Government Drug Involvement............................. 473
Appendix G Kurzweil vs. Hopkins ................................................ 490

Here's the whole book if you want it..
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


so you read that table of contents and still aren't sure if this is "just a maniacs rant in print?"
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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


At least 6 of these chapters look like they're actually just new Mountain Goats song titles.
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Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


funny you said it looks like a Mountain Goats album list.

I got it from this bookstore Strands when they had a table set up with books recommended by Darnielle. I made a post at the time but talked about the other books.. some really rad proto fantasy, obligatory W.B. Yeats,

Annihilation (Read it, best fiction I've read in awhile),

his own book which is really good (both. The 33 1/3 Black Sabbath and his Novel).

My minds not right at the moment.. To much magick/sadness/ not enough love and coffee.


well i read a big chunk, i was just showing the table of contents to see if anyone was interested in reading it.

while i admit some stuff is completely insane (JFK was killed by aliens. the guy riding shotgun turned around after the first shot to deliver the kill shot with a secret alien invention), the Protocols of the Elders of Zion/AIDS/US Involvement in Drug Trade and FEMA camp parts were pretty interesting and the sources are purportedly legit by some ex-government officials, hence it's endurance (the book) in countercultural literature.

I'll include the New World Order part in case you want to read it. could be ridiculous. we could be ridiculous. who knows..


Backbone of Hidden Government

Subversion of the Balance of Power

The plan to suspend the Constitutionand declare martial law

It could probably be shown by facts and figures
that there is no distinctly native
American criminal class except Congress,

Mark Twain, 1885

110 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

When our forefathers wrote the Constitution of these United States
they provided safeguards against despotism by providing a balance of
power. The Constitution was set up to provide clear divisions of Legislative,
Judicial, and Executive powers. It was believed that this system
would ensure that if one branch got out of hand the other two would act to
keep the one in check. This balance of power was predicated upon the
assumption that none of the three branches could or would infringe upon
the power of the others.
The Constitution is clear on the functions of each of the branches. The
Legislative will make the laws. The Judicial will interpret the law. The
Executive will decide policy and enforce the law. This, of course, is the
simplest of explanations, but this is not a textbook on government. My
intent is to acquaint you with simple basics of the balance of power so that
you can then understand how it has been subverted.
The Legislature (Congress in the form of the House and Senate) is
required to publish the laws that are made, and this is done in the Congres
sional Record and the Federal Register. Pending or passed legislation can
be obtained by citizens through their Congressmen or from the Government
Printing Office. Citizens cannot be held responsible for the law if it is
not made available to them.
It is paradoxical that the government body most representative of the
American citizen is the one that has been the most easily subverted.
Through PACs, payoffs, pork-barrel politics, professional politicians, Con-
gressmen who are members of secret societies and through greed and fear,
our Representatives and Senators quit representing us long ago.
Congress has tremendous powers but fails in most cases to exercise
even a token amount. How is it that our Legislature has allowed and at
times encouraged the Executive branch to write law? You probably did not
know that the President and others in the Executive branch of the govern-
ment can and do write law. This is done in the form of Presidential
Executive orders, National Security Council memos, National Security
Decision directives, and National Security directives.
NSC memos were broad policy papers in the days after passage of the
National Security Act. NSC memos became narrower and more specific
over the years, and the name has varied. Under Kennedy they were called
National Security Action Memorandums. President Bush has changed the
name to National Security Directives.
There is a tremendous difference between Presidential Executive or-
ders, NSC memos, and National Security Decision directives. Presidential

Chapter Five Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order � 111

Executive orders are listed in the Federal Register or Presidential Findings,
which are made known to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.
The most important difference between the Presidential Executive orders
and all of the others, no matter what they are called, is that the others do
not have to be reported, reviewed, made available to anyone, or even
acknowledged that they exist.
There is no oversight whatsoever that could maintain a check on the
legality of these National Security directives. The President and others
within the Executive branch have used these supersecret directives to skirt
the balance of power and write law without anyone's knowledge. Justification
of the President's power to write law through Executive orders
stems from the failure of the Government to rescind the declaration of
martial law during the Civil War. In effect, the United States has been
under martial law ever since Lincoln's administration.
These NSDs are powerful, hidden, and dangerous tools. They were
prolific during the Reagan administration: over 300 were written, with no
more than 50 ever leaking out to undergo public scrutiny. Yet most Ameri-
cans have never heard of these subversive weapons. They are being used
to destroy our Constitution. I believe that everyone should know about
this corruption of government.
Congress has turned a blind eye to these abuses of executive power.
At 3:30 a.m. Saturday, August 4,1990, the Senate made it even easier for the
Executive branch to subvert the Constitution and may have made George
Bush the first American king. At that time on that day, a minority of United
States senators, maybe ten at the most, passed Senate Intelligence Authori-
zation Act for Fiscal Year 1991 (S.B. 2834). This bill will fundamentally
change our constitutional system and threatens to destroy the very founda-
tions of our great nation. Since attention has been focused upon the Middle
East crisis, the public and most Congressmen know absolutely nothing
about this bill.
The bill was fraudulently introduced as a reform to prevent future
incidents of the abuses brought to light during the Iran-Contra scandal.
Instead of preventing future abuses, however, it virtually authorizes essentially
every abuse. The bill was carefully brought to a vote by Senator Sam
Nunn in the dead of night when the opposition was gone. It effectively
transfers most authority over the United States government directly into
the hands of George Bush and thus directly into the hands of the Secret
The President (presently George Bush) was given the power to initiate

war, appropriate public funds, define foreign policy goals, and decide what
is important to our national security. In "Oversight of Intelligence Ac

112 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

tivities," Tide VII, S.B. 2834 authorizes the following:

Gives the president power to initiate covert actions (this has never
before been given to the President); prevents Congress from stopping the
President's initiation of covert actions; allows the President to use any
federal ''departments, agencies, or entities'' to operate or finance a covert
operation; empowers the President to use any other nation or private
contractor or person to fund or operate a covert action; redefines covert
actions as operations "necessary to support foreign policy objectives of the
United States," a definition that is so vague and broad as to be essentially
unlimited; for the first time officially claims the right of the United States to
secretly interfere in the internal "political, economic, or military affairs" of
other countries in direct and flagrant violation of international law; re-
quires that the President prepare and deliver a written finding to the
Intelligence committees of the Congress but allows the President to omit
"extremely sensitive matters" and authorizes the President to claim execu-
tive privilege if Congress asks too many questions.

There are no penalties in the bill for violating any of its provisions,
including the provision requiring a finding. Why should there be? This
bill has literally handed the power of all the branches of government to the
President on a silver platter. President Bush is now truly American King
George the First. S.B. 2834 gives Bush the power to use any agency or
branch of the government and any appropriated funds from any agency or
branch of the government for covert action even if they were never appropriated
for that purpose. The bill effectively prevents any oversight by
anyone and allows the Executive branch to skirt the law and to escape
accountability. This will be done using National Security directives. A few
examples of past NSD directives that have come to light will help you
understand the seriousness of the matter. They will be listed in the following
paragraphs under the heading of the subject matter of the NSDDs:

[SECRECY], 3/11/83 (Declassified in full). SUBJECT: This directive
drastically expands restrictions on government employees' freedom of
speech. Those with access to classified information were required to sign a
nondisclosure agreement; those with access to a special category of clas-
sified information were made to agree to prepublication review of any
future writings. The use of polygraphs was authorized. PURPOSE: Pre-
vent disclosure of information that could damage national security. CONSEQUENCES:
The polygraph requirement was rescinded due to
Congressional opposition. Secrecy restrictions were imposed on more than
4 million government employees and CONTRACTORS for more than fifty
executive agencies. Many reporters' contacts were shut down. Govern

Chapter Five Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order � 113

ment employees' unions and members of Congress sued to protect the
rights of whistleblowers, and the Supreme Court recently sent the case
back to the district level for review.

Author's Note: NSDD 84 indicates that John Lear, Robert Lazar, Bruce
Macabbee, Stanton Friedman, Clifford Stone, and many others may be activegovernment agents. They were all working in government jobs or for government
contractors and all of them were subject to this executive order. NSDD84 was not used to silence them, which seems to indicate that they had
executive approval in each and every instance.

NICARAGUA, 11/23/81 (Classified). SUBJECT: The Central Intelligence
Agency was given authority to create the contras and "work with foreign
governments as appropriate" to undermine the Sandinista government of
Nicaragua. PURPOSE: To stop the flow of arms from Cuban and Nicara-
guan sources to the Salvadoran rebels. CONSEQUENCES: The C.I.A. was
given $19 million to assemble and arm a force of 500 contras to join with
1000 exiles already being trained by Argentina. Scores of operatives arrived
in Honduras; arms shipments from Miami began. The contra war
was set in motion.
TO NATIONAL SECURITY, 1/14/83 (Declassified in full). SUBJECT: This
directive set up several planning groups to conduct "public diplomacy
activities." It ordered "organizational support for foreign governments
and private groups to encourage the growth of democratic political institutions
and practices." PURPOSE: To mobilize international and domestic
support for "our national security objectives." CONSEQUENCES:
Created propaganda ministries in the National Security Council, the State
Department and the White House that concentrated on, in the words of the
NSC staff member in charge of the program, "gluing black hats on the
Sandinistas and white hats on UNO" (the contras' United Nicaraguan
Opposition). Stories were planted in the press; journalists were pressured.
The General Accounting Office later found that these activities violated the
law banning "covert propaganda" inside the United States. How many
other covert propaganda programs do you think are operating against the
American Citizens? I can assure you that there are many more than you
would ever believe.
NSDD 138: INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM, 4/3/84 (Classified).
SUBJECT: This directive endorsed the principle of preemptive strikes and
retaliatory raids against terrorists and called on 26 Federal agencies to
recommend specific measures to combat terrorism. PURPOSE: To lessen

114 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

international terrorism and free U.S. hostages in Lebanon. While this NSD
directive pretends to be concerned about international terrorism, it is really
a thinly disguised authorization of preemptive strikes and retaliatory raids
against patriots in this country. When FEMA is activated, patriots will be
rounded up in the dead of night, most likely on a national holiday such as
Thanksgiving. Government agents and law-enforcement officers in every
city across the nation have received antiterrorist training under this NSDD
directive, and I can assure you the target is patriots. CONSEQUENCES:
Set up the Terrorist Incident Working Group under North in the NSC. Its
first major action was the interception and capture of the Achille Lauro
hijackers, which gave North's career an important boost.

Either NSDD 138 or a subsequent NSD directive on terrorism
authorized the training of three Lebanese units for preemptive strikes.
When problems arose, Director of Central Intelligence William Casey took
that operation off the books and enlisted Saudi Arabian help in an attempt
to assassinate the head of Hezbollah. A resulting car bombing killed about
eighty in Beirut; Sheik Fadlallah, the target was unhurt. The U.S. military,
along with civilian law-enforcement teams, conducted joint antiterrorist
training across America. To allay public fears the participants wore civilian

NSD directives have become the de facto legislative vehicle of the
national security state. It has become known through the research of Susan
Fitzgerald, a research consultant at the Fund for Constitutional Government
in Washington who has collected declassified NSD directives, that
many were released without the White House letterhead at the top of the
page and without the President's signature at the bottom. This, she speculates,
is to conceal the fact that the signatures on some of them would reveal
that they had been made by autopen, not by Ronald Reagan's own hand.
That should give you a taste of what we are up against. Please understand
that virtually all but a very few NSD directives still remain classified, and
unless the public forces disclosure their effect will probably never be

Somewhere within the volumes of secret NSD directives there is a plan
to suspend the Constitution of the United States of America. The existence
of this plan surfaced during the Iran-Contra hearings. Congressman Jack
Brooks (D), Texas, attempted to bring it into the open. When he asked Col.
North directly if North had ever helped draft a plan to suspend the Constitution,
Brooks was silenced by the committee chairman Senator Daniel

K. Inouye (D), Hawaii. Senator Inouye stated that the subject dealt with
national security, and any questions regarding the matter could be brought
up during a closed-door session. We never learned the outcome. I would

Chapter Five Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order � 115

like to know who gave anyone, in any branch of government, with any
title, the right to suspend the Constitution at any time, for any reason,
under any conditions?

I believe the plan to suspend the Constitution is directly tied to the
underground facility called Mount Weather and to the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA). Mount Weather is so shrouded in secrecy
that 99.9% of Americans have never heard of it. FEMA, however, is
another story. Remember Hurricane Hugo? Remember the federal agency
(FEMA) that was sent to handle the emergency and was thrown out by the
citizens because of gross incompetence? FEMA was incompetent, because

"emergency management" is just a guise for its real purpose, which is to
take over local, state, and federal government in case of a national emergency.
The only way FEMA could do such a thing is if the Constitution
Were suspended and martial law were to be declared. Therefore its very
existence is proof positive that a plan to suspend the Constitution does in fact exist.


Just outside of a sleepy little town called Bluemont, Virginia, about 46
miles west of Washington D.C., is an area of wilderness covering what has
been called the toughest granite rock in the eastern United States. The area
is surrounded by signs marked "Restricted Area" and "This installation
has been declared a restricted area....Unauthorized entry is prohibited."
Other signs state: "All persons and vehicles entering hereon are liable to
search. Photographing, making notes, drawings, maps or graphic representations
of this area or its activities is prohibited. Such material found in
the possession of unauthorized persons will be confiscated. Internal Security
Act of 1950." The installation is beneath a mountain and its name is the
Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations. Its nickname is
Mount Weather. It was ordered to be built by the Federal Civil Defense
Administration, which is now the Federal Preparedness Agency.
Mount Weather was designed in the early '50s as part of a civil defense
program to house and protect the Executive branch of the Federal govern-
ment. The official name was "The Continuity of Government Program."
Congress has repeatedly tried to discover the real purpose of Mount
Weather, but so far has been unable to find out ANYTHING about the
secret installation. Retired Air Force General Leslie W. Bray, director of the
Federal Preparedness Agency, told the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional
Rights in September 1975: "I am not at liberty to describe precisely
what is the role and the mission and the capability that we have at Mount
Weather or at any other precise location."

In June 1975, Senator John Tunney (D), California, chairman of the

116 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights, charged that Mount Weather held
dossiers on at least 100,000 Americans. He later alleged that the Mount
Weather computers, described as "the best in the world," can obtain millions
of pieces of additional information on the personal lives of American
citizens simply by tapping the data stored at any of the other 96 Federal
Relocation Centers.

I know from my stint with the Office of Naval Intelligence that these
dossiers consist of information collected about American patriots, men and
women who are most likely to resist the destruction of our Constitution
and the formation of the totalitarian police state under the New World
Order. The patriot data bank is constantly updated so that when the
appointed hour arrives all patriots can be rounded up with little if any
effort. The plan calls for this to be accomplished in the dead of night on a
national holiday. The most likely holiday is Thanksgiving, when everyone,
no matter the religion, race, or creed, will be at home. The targets will be
ripe for the picking after a heavy meal, maybe some alcoholic beverages,
and during a deep sleep. There is a traitor in the patriot movement who
provides the Secret Government with accurate names and addresses of
patriots who will fight to protect and defend the Constitution.


Some sources state that Mount Weather is virtually an underground
city complete with dormitories, private apartments, streets, sidewalks,
cafeterias, hospitals, water-purification systems, power plant, office build-
ings, a lake fed by fresh water from underground springs, a mass-transit
system, and many other astounding things.

Several disturbing facts emerge when one researches Mount Weather.
One is the conclusion that a complete parallel government exists at the site.
Nine Federal departments exist there � Agriculture, Commerce, HEW,
HUD, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, and the Treasury. Apparently
at least five Federal agencies are also in residence: FCC, Selective Service,
Federal Power Commission, Civil Service Commission, and the Veterans
Administration. Two privately owned corporations have offices at Mount
Weather: the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Post Office. There is also an
Office of the Presidency. What makes all this upsetting is that there is a
President and a complete set of cabinet officers in residence at Mount
Weather. Who are they and who appointed them? Where is such a thing
provided for in the Constitution of the United States of America?

Chapter Five Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order � 117

Mount Weather is the operational center � the hub � of over 96 other
underground Federal Relocation Centers scattered across the United
States. The majority of these appear to be concentrated in Pennsylvania,
Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Each of these
facilities contains computer data banks holding information � not on
enemy agents, Soviet diplomats, or suspected terrorists but on American
citizens, patriots. A list of other files kept at the facilities was furnished to
the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights in 1975. The list included
"military installations, government facilities, communications, transporta-
tion, energy and power, agriculture, manufacturing, wholesale and retail
services, manpower, financial, medical and educational institutions, sani-
tary facilities, population, housing shelter, and stockpiles."

The committee concluded that these data bases "operate with few, if
any, safeguards or guidelines." Senator James Abourzek (D), South
Dakota, a member of the subcommittee, said, "I feel the entire operation
has eluded the supervision of either Congress or the courts." Chairman
Tunney said, "Mount Weather is out of control." Nothing was done by
Congress to rectify the situation, however, and Mount Weather remains out
of control.
Former high-level officials from Mount Weather agree that the base at
Mount Weather is much more than any standby government facility or
storage center for the preservation of records; they describe it as an ACTUAL
GOVERNMENT-IN-WAITING. "We do not merely store essential
information; the facility attempts to duplicate the vital functions of the
Executive branch of the Administration." As stated above, according to my
research, this includes a President and all Cabinet members actually in
residence. Protocol even demands that subordinates address them as "Mr.
President" or "Mr. Secretary." Most of these mysterious appointees have
held their positions through several administrations. "We just act on the
orders of the President in national emergencies," said one former Mount
Weather official.
The FPA in its 1974 Annual Report stated that "Studies conducted at
Mount Weather involve the control and management of domestic political
unrest where there are material shortages (such as food riots) or in strike
situations where the FPA determines that there are industrial disruptions
and other domestic resource crises." The report states that the bureaucracy
at Mount Weather invokes what it calls "Civil Crisis Management."
Officials who were at Mount Weather and who have furnished us with
data say that during the 1960s the complex was actually prepared to
assume certain governmental powers at the time of the 1961 Cuban missile
crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy In 1963. The source said

118 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

that the installation used the tools of its "Civil Crisis Management" pro-
gram on a standby basis during the 1967 and 1968 urban riots and during a
number of national antiwar demonstrations against the administration by
the American people.

Daniel J. Cronin, who was the assistant director for the FPA, outlined
a massive surveillance and manipulation program that is directed against
the American population on a continuing basis. The FPA has organized an
impressive armament of resources and equipment. Mr. Cronin described
in an interview his agency's attitude toward its wide-ranging surveillance
program. "We try to monitor situations," he said, "and get to them before
they become emergencies....No expense is spared in the monitoring program."
He cited reconnaissance satellites, local and state police intelli-
gence reports, and law-enforcement agencies of the Federal government as
examples of the resources available to the FPA for information-gathering.

The only document that I was able to find that attempts to outline
some of the statutory authority of Mount Weather is Executive Order
11490. It was drafted by Gen. George A. Lincoln, former director for the
Office of Emergency Preparedness (preceded FPA) and was signed into law
by President Nixon in October 1969. Executive Order 11490 superseded
Executive Order 11051, signed on October 2,1962, by President Kennedy.
Kennedy's order used the language, "Whereas, national preparedness
must be achieved�as may be required to deal with increases in international
tension with limited war, or with general war including attack upon the
United States..." Nixon's order began: "Whereas our national security is
dependent upon our ability to assure continuity of government, at every
level, in any national emergency type situation that might conceivably
confront the nation..." Nixon has deleted any reference to "war," "imminent
attack," and "general war" from the order and replaced them with
the phrase "during any emergency that might CONCEIVABLY occur."

Nixon's order, which is the one in effect today, allows the government
in the form of FEMA to suspend the Constitution for literally any reason
they decide to call a national emergency. I CANNOT FIND A PLAN OR

In 1975, Senator Tunney expressed concern, "We know, from what

we've heard in the press, that 15,000 names were being maintained by the

FBI for detention in an emergency...We also know that the IRS had its files

Chapter Five Good-bye USA, Hello New World Order � 119

on individual taxpayers. We know that the CIA had their Operation
CHAOS and that the NSA has the records of conversations that have been
intercepted electronically. My question is this: Is there anyone like your-
self, General Bray, that is in control of the overall access to this data if it is
maintained in a relocation site? And your answer, as I understood it, is
no.'' Tunney continued: "General Bray, I must say that I still don't know
who's in control of these relocation centers....You say you don't have that
knowledge and still we don't know from the...three witnesses that we had
here today, that they had information as to who has control of those
"I am not at liberty," Bray answered, "to describe precisely what is the
role and the mission and the capability that we have at Mount Weather, or
at any other precise location." I firmly believe that our Continuity of
Government program has not provided continuity at all, but has been the
instrument for discontinuing open and democratic government, and that
the very program designed to protect Americans has actually been turned
against us.

We at the executive level here were active in either OSS, the State
Department, or the European Economic Administration. During those
times, and without exception, we operated under directions issued by the
White House. We are continuing to be guided by just such directives, the
substance of which were to the effect that we should make every effort to
so alter a life in the United States as to make possible a comfortable
merger with the Soviet Union.

H. Rowan Gaither
President of the Ford Foundation

120 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper


"Bureaucrats Get Ready for a Presidential Order," Spotlight, Washington
D.C, July 27,1987.

Pell, Eve, "The Backbone of Hidden Government," The Nation, June 19,1989.

Pollock, Richard P., "The Mysterious Mountain," The Progressive, March 12,

Sinkin, Lanny, "Democracy at Risk If Covert Bill Passes," ANOTHER VIEW,
Los Angeles Daily News, September 19,1990.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, Office of the Federal
Register, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington
D.C, 1950 to present.

Witt, Howard, "Lawyers Press U.S. on Martial Law Plan," Chicago Tribune,
August 15,1983.

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


and some FEMA stuff..

(Federal Emergency Management Agency)

The following is a transcript of an audiotape with an urgent message
to the people from William Cooper on the subject of H.R. 4079. We must
stop the traitors now. William Cooper dictated this information to me by
phone early in 1990 and I tape-recorded the information as he gave it. I
made many tapes and sent them out exactly as Mr. Cooper has asked me to
do and those recipients have done the same. My name is Richard Murray
and I believe that William Cooper is the only man in America outside the
Secret Government who truly knows what is happening and what it means
to us, the average American Citizens.

[Begin tape] There's a guy by the name of Buster Horton. He's a
member of FEMA, and he's a member of the interdepartmental unit which
is empowered in the event of a national security emergency to become the
unelected national government, a sort of FEMA secret government, so to

A pretext for invoking those emergency measures can be found almost
daily in the newspapers. It can be anything from the suspension of debt
payments by the high bureaus of American countries, to mass runs on U.S.
commercial banks � and thaf s an issue, by the way, thafs being handled
personally by the National Security Council and Brent Scocroft � to food
shortages, to the drug war. The whole bit � anything, any disaster emer-
gency declared at all, even including the oil spill from the Exxon tanker in
Alaska. If the President had declared a national emergency, that could
have triggered it. Any instability in the Middle East � anything, in fact.

And they've already tested their capabilities in April 1984 with REX84A.
And that was designed to test the readiness of the U.S. civilian and
military agencies to respond to a serious national security crisis.

Now, the Executive order that will implement this, the Executive
Order 11051, details responsibilities to the Office of Emergency Planning or
FEMA. It gives authorization to put ALL Executive orders into effect in
times of national emergency declared by the President, increased international
tension or economical or financial crisis. (Note that it covers every
conceivable domestic crisis but does not even mention war or nuclear

Now, the only thing that has to happen for FEMA to be able to
implement all the executive orders, emergency executive orders, is for the
President to declare a national emergency of any type, as long as it's a
national emergency.

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA � 123

Executive Order 10995 provides for the takeover of the communica-
tions media.
Executive Order 10997 provides for the takeover of all electric, power,

petroleum, gas, fuels, and minerals.

Executive Order 10988 provides for the takeover of food resources and


Executive Order 10999 provides for the takeover of all modes of trans-
portation, control of highways, seaports, etc.

Executive Order 11000 provides for mobilization of all civilians into
work brigades under the Government supervision.

Executive Order 11001 provides for Governmental takeover of all
health, education and welfare functions.

Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a
national registration of all persons.

Executive Order 11003 provides for the Government to take over
airports and aircraft.

Executive Order 11004 provides for the Housing and Finance Author-
ity to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish
new locations for populations.

Executive Order 11005 provides for the Government to take over

railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.
Now, all of these were COMBINED under Nixon into one huge Executive
order, which allows all of this to take place if the President declares a
national emergency and it can be implemented by the head of FEMA, NOT
BY THE PRESIDENT. The President has already given him that power
under these executive orders.

All of these were combined into Executive Order 11490 and that was

signed by President Carter on July 20,1979, and is, in fact, law.
So, if H.R. 4079 is passed and the President does what it says and
declares a national emergency because of the drug situation, whether it's
for one year, five years, five minutes or forever, it doesn't make any difference.
FEMA then can implement all these Executive orders, take over all
local, state, and national government suspend the Constitution and do
whatever they want to do.
Now, remember what North said during the Iran-Contra hearings. He
said that they were prepared to suspend the Constitution of the United
States. And he said if it hadn't been for their getting caught that this would
have happened. And all that did was delay it. This is what is still going to

Now, they've nominated (and I think he's been appointed) Maj. Gen.
Calvin Franklin, who's the head of FEMA. He was nominated because of

124 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

discussions proposing the removal of the implementation of the National
Guard in Washington, D.C. And Maj. Gen. Franklin is or was the Commanding
General of the District of Columbia National Guard.

Now, you've got to know that the National Guard would be of no help
at all in combating drug traffic in Washington, D.C, or anywhere else. The
primary effectiveness of the National Guard is in controlling mass civil

On March 24, President Bush issued a new Executive order delegating
to the Director of FEMA powers which were vested in the President by the
Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act of 1988. And although the
order is described by the White House as simply a technical matter, in
reality the revision delegates to the FEMA Director, direct responsibility for
a large number of items which were earlier only the President's prerogative.
And that includes responsibility for General Federal Assistance, Fed-
eral Emergency Assistance, Hazard Mitigation, Individual and Family
Grant Programs, and the power to direct other federal agencies to assist in
an emergency. AND THAT'S THE KEY. All other federal agencies will
come under FEMA.

Of course, the President retains the power to actually declare an emergency,
but as soon as he does that, the implementation of the measures
utilized will be transferred directly to the Director of FEMA. The brains
behind this contingency plan for a police state were the members of the
Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, both of which
Bush is a member. And Brent Scocroft, National Security Adviser, who was
a member of FEMA's Advisory Board until he was appointed by Bush to
head the National Security Council, is a member of the Trilateral Commis-
sion and also a business partner of Henry Kissinger, who has been a traitor
to this country for many, many years. And of course Scocroft would
become the superior to FEMA in the chain of command of the National
Security Emergency whenever it is declared.

The FEMA Advisory Board is dominated by Prof. Samuel P. Hun-
tington. In 1978 Huntington drafted for Jimmy Carter Presidential Memo-
randum 32, which led to the creation of FEMA in 1979. And he's a Harvard

He wrote the "Seminal Peace" for the Trilateral Commission in the
mid-1970s, recommending that democracy and economic development be
discarded as outdated ideas. He wrote, as co-author of the book Crises in
Democracy, "We have come to recognize that there are potential desirable
limits to economic growth. There are also potentially desirable limits to the
indefinite extension of political democracy. A Government which lacks
authority will have little ability short of cataclysmic crisis to impose on its

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA � 125

people the sacrifices which may be necessary."
All of Huntington's ideas were rewritten into National Security Decision
Directive 47, which is in NSDD 47, and that was enacted by President
Reagan on July 22, 1982. It identified important areas to be upgraded, such
as the nation's industrial base to maintain the national defense, but it
nonetheless � and this is very important � laid the groundwork for the
secret government's options to institute a police state, and its title is Emergency
Mobilization Preparedness. It ordered preparedness measures that
involved the waiving or modification of socioeconomic regulations that
delay emergency responses and that should receive priority attention. It
also specified that preparedness measures that are or may be impeded by
legal constraints be identified in the priority task that lays the groundwork
Make copies of this tape if you want to. You don't even have to
transcribe it if you don't want to. BUT GET THIS OUT TO THE PEOPLE.
It's important that they understand that if H.R. 4079 is passed � they're

They won't pass it if we get this out to the people and tell them that
this is what they're doing. Most people don't even know about it, and
that's to the Secret Government's benefit. If we get this out and tell people
what they're doing, then people can get on the phone and then go down
and kick their Congressman's ass (which is what they should have been
doing years ago) and get this thing thrown out of Congress. And the next
thing they need to do is throw their Congressmen and their Senators out of
Congress � and keep them out of Congress. And put their neighbors in
there, people they can trust, and keep them in there for only one term. THE
This has nothing to do with the right wing, left wing, or any other
damn thing. It has to do with the Illuminati taking over this country and
joining in the New World Order.
When you give this out to people, make sure they agree to make ten
copies and send them to all their friends. [End of tape]

I decided that the transcript of this tape says it all. Why write it again?

H.R. 4079
As of this writing H.R. 4079 is still in committee and has not been
subjected to a vote. It is one of the most deceptive and dangerous pieces of
legislation to go in front of the Congress in many years. It must be stopped
at all costs. You must call your representative and stop this bill.

H.R. 4079 has included within its pages two provisions that are meant

126 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

to divert attention from the fact that the bill would declare a state of
national emergency for five years and would allow FEMA to literally take
over local, state, and federal government. This means that the Constitution
of the United States could be suspended.

The diversions used are terrible if allowed to sneak through. One is a
clause that would eliminate the 4th amendment to the Constitution and the
other would eliminate the 8th amendment to the Constitution. The diversion
would cause heated argument over these two provisions, resulting in
some sort of compromise while allowing the declaration of a 5-year state of
national emergency to sail right through Congress and become signed into
law. If that happens if s good-bye USA, hello New World Order.

Call your Congressman and insist that he/she deliver into your hands
a complete copy of H.R. 4079 immediately. Do not take no for an answer.
Read it and defeat it.

[Added before press time: H.R. 4079 may have been secretly passed just as

S.B. 2834 was passed and H.R. 4079 may be Public Law 101-647 signed into law
by President Bush on November 29, 1990. If this has occurred, then we are
already subject to a FEMA takeover. I am attempting to acquire a copy of P.L.
101-647. This late-breaking new was furnished by a Congressional staff member
and has not been verified as of January 8,1991.]

Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA � 127


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128 � BEHOLD A PALE HORSE William Cooper

Author's Note: The following report by Dr. Pabst concerning FEMA and
concentration camps in the United States is photographed and printed exactly
as written.


A National Emergency: Total Takeover

This is Dr. William R. Pabst. My address is 1434 West Alabama Street, Houston,
Texas 77006. My telephone number is: area code 713 521-9896. This is my 1979
updated reported on the concentration camp program of the Department of Defense of
the United States.

On April 20, 1976, after a rapid and thorough investigation, I filed suit on
behalf of the people of the United States against various personages that had a key
part in a conspiratorial program to do away with the United States as we know it. This
is a progress report to you, the plaintiffs, you, the People of the United States. The
civil action number is 76-H-667. It is entitled, "Complaint Against the Concentration
Camp Program of the Dept of Defense". It was filed in the U.S. District Court for the
southern district of Texas, Houston division. The judge responsible for the case was
Judge Carl Bue.

You have no doubt heard the story: Once upon a time, under the Nazi regime in
Germany, a man worked on an assembly line in a baby carriage factory. His wife was
going to have a baby, but the Nazi government would not let anybody buy a baby
carriage. The man decided he would secretly collect one part from each department
and assemble the carriage himself. When this was done he and his wife gathered up the
pieces and assembled it. When they were finished they did not have a baby carriage;
they had a machine gun.

And that is exactly the situation that I am going to present to you at this time.
The Center for the Study for Democratic Institutions recently completed a proposed
constitution for the "Newstates of America". The Center is Rockefeller funded. To give
you an indication of the type of constitution proposed, the term "national emergency"
is mentioned 134 times. The document did not have a Bill of Rights and the right to
own arms was taken away. At the same time, House Concurrent Resolution #28
awaited for calling a constitutional convention on or before July 4, 1976. The
presiding officer of such an event would have been Nelson Rockefeller. Vice Presidenl
and president pro tern of the Senate. This particular resolution awaited in committee.
Obviously money would not be spent on these massive programs unless there would be
the chance for the actual implementation of such a scheme.

However, in case the American people do not voluntarily adopt a new
constitution less troublesome to those who desire dictatorship, there is Executive
Order #11490. which will include its predecessors when it is cited herein. The
Executive Order authorizes the secretaries of the various agencies to prepare for any
"national emergency" type situation -including, but not limited to, those specified in
the Executive Order itself. If you read the Order, there is nothing at all left to the
imagination. For any conceivable pretense a national emergency may be declared based


Chapter Six H.R. 4079 & FEMA � 129

upon this frightening decree, dated October 1969. The Order itself was prefaced in
March of '69 by another Executive Order which established the federal regions and
their capitals. All the departments of the government were involved, including the

L.E.A.A. (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) and H.E.W. (Health, Education
and Welfare). Congressman Larry McDonald has revealed to Congress that various
guerrilla and terrorist groups were being financed by the federal government. If they
(the terrorist groups) actually began insurgent activities, Executive Order #11490
would be activated.
But as mentioned previously, if you will read Executive Order #11490, you
will see that a "national emergency" may he declared for any conceivable pretense
whatsoever. If the Order itself were activated, here is what would happen: The next
day you and your family would be standing in front of your local post office with your
neighbors; the front door bursting with block-long lines of people waiting to be
registered. After waiting in line with your family for hours, you finally get channeled
through the doors. Once inside, you overhear the postal clerk with his sidearm on
telling a frightened restrant, "Look, there is nothing I can do. The truck behind the
building will take you to a work camp where you have been assigned. Your wife has
been assigned to a factory and there's nothing I can do." Then your son or daughter
looks up at you with a quivering voice and asks, "Dad, why are we here?"

Implementing the New Government

Well, you see there's much more to life in a "free country" than paying your
mortgage. You have to be aware of what is going on and act accordingly and
participate in government; that is, get involved. Examining the organization chart on
Executive Order #11490 to discover how we have all helped finance (through our tax
dollars) the mechanics of the overthrow of our Constitution, Executive Order #11490
designates certain authorities to the Office of Emergency Preparedness --which in
turn designates authority to the various departments of the federal government.

If Order were implemented, the Post Office Department would be responsible
for a national registration. The State Department would be responsible for the
protection of the United Nations personnel or properly and prevention of escape from
the United States. The Department of Defense would be responsible for the
expropriation of industry; direction of services and national production system;
control of censorship; and communication expropriation of non-industrial facilities.
The Commerce Department would be responsible for expropriation, selection and
international distribution of commodities (which would be the actual looting of the
United States), census information and human resources.

The Treasury Department would be responsible for collection of cash and non-
cash items and the re-creation of evidence of assets and liabilities. The Justice
Department would have concurrent responsibility with the Department of State for
prevention of escape from the United States: for replenishing the stockpile of
narcotics; for a national police force: for correctional and penal institutions; for mass
feeding and housing of prisoners and for use of prisoners to augment manpower
which would be slave labor.
Though lovers be lost love shall not.


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Though lovers be lost love shall not.