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Started by BlakeK, February 04, 2016, 06:48:34 PM

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I used to hang out with this guy and his girlfriend (who he married) and his brother. I saw his brother more and always thought that Lincoln was the more balanced of the two. Granted his brother, John, is in prison too after he was caught robbing a house with an accomplice who hit the homeowner with a hammer. I feel like meth is driving people crazy. It's so sad.
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin


it's fucked up. my best friend (at one time) was really fucked up. his body was covered in cigar burns that his fuck of a father, well sperm doner more accurately did for fun after the weekend rapes. he would never take off his shirt at the pool or beach. we lived in florida.

it broke my heart.

then it broke again when i found out he got out, relapsed, and was robbing cab drivers with a hammer and wound up in florida prison.

then it broke again when i found out he died.

i've seen so much madness and insanity. They really need a new approach to addiction because it's not going anywhere. I found this New Yorker article on Psychedelic Mental Health Research amazing. . I've known  few people who took the Ibogaine ( an extremely strong hallucinogen that lasts for days and you need to be adminstered it in a hospital. You have no control of your bodily functions or "reality". Most people report seeing some type of entity, most say a black figure, who tells you something that changes your life. I've seen it work for them, and they even had a Law and Order SUV episode where the shrink illegally takes a kid to Mexico to have it done SUV is the DEFINITIVE source ha) route to kick dope and it worked. People don't realize it's more than just staying away from the drug. I know many people, myself included, who once you started using needles get a fixation for it and will shoot water just for the fuck of it, you get a few seconds of pleasure released, like a tear drop or raindrops worth it feels of dopamine for a second when you see the blood fill and that's that. Unfourtantely I've had multiple abscesses from shooting pills that were mostly just binders. Supposedly the new "thing" is IV'ing Wellbutrin!! the fucking anti-depressant for a "speedy meth/cocaine like rush and subsequent high".. Brings to mind the absurdity of the ol butt hash joke but unfourtanately people are actually injecting this pill which is known to induce seizures at a low level, imagine banging some absurd amount that some high school kid had lying around. all he needs is to half type it in google and google auto-finds some shady message board that gives you step by step advice on how to. I guess it's better they do it "safely", or as safe as possible for such an act if they are going to do it no matter how many people say not to. Harm reduction is the word i suppose.

But I'm very sorry to hear this. I get carried away a bit in the addiction department so didn't mean to hijack things
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Sorry to you both.

Quote from: BlakeK on February 04, 2016, 06:48:34 PM
I feel like meth is driving people crazy. It's so sad.
The meth/ heroin problems in the US is staggering. I was friends with lots of the fuck up kids in high school and none of them were doing the shit that is deemed "normal/ recreational" for the kids there now.

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


i don't know much about meth, it's not a big thing in new york. well, supposedly it's big in the homosexual community but other than that, it's nothing but the dope.

heroin is systematically spreading from various focal points (cities, distribution areas), trickling to all the suburbs and ghetto's and trailers parks.. to the rich who can afford a doctor to get the heroin in pill form from there doctor... it's sad. i've lost a lot. people drop like flies. every time i go to my methadone program they have a window set up, a memorial for those who passed and just this year alone I've lost count. And that's from January!!

there's those who feel they're not addicts because "they don't shoot", but sniff (no difference at all. less high but same exact addiction potential and just some form of justification for others and probably themselves).
Though lovers be lost love shall not.