What were your favorite PiX releases from over the years?

Started by GrownFolk, January 13, 2016, 03:13:57 PM

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I've got most of the PiX stuff but there's a few releases out there I'm just not that familiar with and haven't checked out.  It seems like we've got a limited amount of time to order what's left of the remaining stock or purchase off bandcamp.  What are your favorite releases from over the years?  I don't want to miss something I may end up loving.

My favorites would be:

Rosa - I, Mississippi, You
Taxpayers - To Risk So Much For So Damn Little
Small Bones - self titled
All the Ghost Mice releases, especially all the splits that have introduced me to a lot of great bands
ONSIND - Dissatisfaction

Those are the first that come to mind although I'm sure I'm forgetting some right now.  What are some of your favorites from over the years?


Ghost Mice/AJJ split
Everything Defiance, Ohio


everything Ghost Mice, Op:CC, Ramshackle Glory/ Pat the Bunny, and AJJ
Max Levine Ensemble -Okay Smarty Pants
Punkin Pie -Broke Truck Good Luck
Rosa -I Mississippi You
Rat Storm -Fractured
Heathers -Here Not There
Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass -Cash, Money, Etc
The Bananas

does anyone remember this band called Against Me! It seems like PIX put out something of theirs and then they disappeared. I wonder what ever happened to them?


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Ramshackle Glory - Live the dream

But I could easily do a top 20 favorite releases from PIX and I don't know many other labels I could do that with.


Quote from: manmagic on January 14, 2016, 11:51:12 AM
Ramshackle Glory - Live the dream

But I could easily do a top 20 favorite releases from PIX and I don't know many other labels I could do that with.
Agreed.  There are a ridiculous amount of great releases from over the years.  So many that there's a lot I still need to check out.  For example, I never checked out Spoonboy or Rat Storm that were mentioned above.  Those are now next on my list...thanks!


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Dance party with this bike is a pipe bomb, the first pix cd I bought in a record store in Charleston sc on a family vacation when I was 15... I spend the whole vacation listening to it on my discman and moping around because family vacations at the beach are sooooo unpunk
Kissing and dancing by Madeline Adams
Spoon boy I love you this is a robbery
The devil is electric s/t
Soophie Nun Squad, all the soophie nun squad
The Abe Froman/soophie split... Might not be pix though??
Defiance Ohio... Especially the ghost mice split (share wa ya got was not pix right?)
Ghost mice... Just gonna cry now end of list




I think the second Door-Keys album was the best PIX release. Also, Carrie Nations' "Be Still".


I was scrolling through this waiting for someone to mention Carrie Nations. That record is solid as fuck.


It's amazing. I put it as a fav in the rip pix one a day before you mentioned it. Carrie nations flawless
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Educate me on Carrie Nations.  I went through and bought a bunch of stuff through the PiX store and bandcamp pages recently.  That one isn't available for some reason.  Any idea where I could grab this?  Would prefer a physical copy but would purchase a download if that's my only option.

Anna Karina

I played a show with Carrie Nations once with the shortlived straight edge hardcore band xLeisurexSuitxLarryx. Woo buddy.



Quote from: kw on January 20, 2016, 04:03:37 PM
definitely the ONSIND records. both are flawless.
Which both are you referring to?  I've got Dissatisfactions and it's great and have been meaning to pick up Mildred, Margie, Annie, Clarice as well as Anaesthesiology.  I got Dissatisfactions through one of those PiX $40 for 20 CD sales or something like that.  Discovered a lot of great bands over the years through those sales. 

Looking through old releases on Bandcamp and trying to get old stuff I didn't snag before.  It's interesting all the stuff that's not available and possibly lost forever?  For example, Dance Party With - This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb cannot be found.  Same thing with the earlier mentioned Carrie Nations album.  I wonder why Chris chose to not make some releases available.  There's a lot more such as The Ted Dancin' Machine, Instinct, The Latch-Key Kids, The Dirtys.  It's depressing to think all these releases are lost and unavailable.  It would be interesting to read a book of all the PiX releases over the years with album artwork, track listings and a brief description of each release. 


Probably means both full lengths. They had several other EPs, but Dissatisfaction and Anaesthesiology are their only two LPs as far as I know.


Quote from: manmagic on January 21, 2016, 06:35:55 AM
Probably means both full lengths. They had several other EPs, but Dissatisfaction and Anaesthesiology are their only two LPs as far as I know.

^^ this ^^


were carrie nations and this bike on pix south and that is relevant to them being posted/not posted to bandcamp?


i think both were on PIX (but maybe later also had PIX South releases?). A lot of PIX releases are not on Bandcamp, though. Probably has more to do with artist's requests than anything.
Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


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this thread made me listen to rosa for the first time in about five years, which is great

also made me log back in here to say this, which is also great


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Taxpayers - To Risk So Much...
Ghost Mice - All We've Got...
ONSIND - Anaesthesiology + Dissatisfactions
Kyle Hall - s/t
Your Heart Breaks - New Ocean Waves
TMLE - Okay, Smartypants
Delay - Plain Language
Eric Ayotte - Wavering
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i bump rosa heavy all the time MISSISSIPPI YOU was my fucking jam. first stencil i made was the texas logo of there's, fell in love to it, was my favorite band to turn people who didn't know folk punk but liked punk on to, everything.

Bananas first ten years is ESSENTIAL. I've listened to Bananas in so many different conflicting moods and perils and woes and good times.

I love AJJ . some people find them a bit hokey but the good songs give me chill at times. such as the obligatory,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XyY7Yvx2PYA&index=30&list=RDIX7TRD6XaRs  Knife Man grew on me and is now my favorite album by them. I'm sure many disagree.

all DELAY. Always.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0PVc47o5zw / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7onIHNHqZR8

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