Long Distance Relationships? Your Thoughts/Experiences

Started by rory, June 16, 2014, 06:34:06 AM

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I'm starting to think the girl I'm seeing really does live too far away. That 300 yards is just a mood killer.


Anti-Creative Records sells some things.


Rory, if you two didn't at least try to give the long distance thing your best shot, it would break my heart.  Don't do that to me!  When I first saw you two together at Punktoberfest I couldn't help but notice how perfect a couple you are.  Two years is a surprisingly short amount of time, so I think you'll manage ok.  And maybe you can setup some sort of regular band tour circuit between your two cities, and exploit it to catch rides back and forth with traveling bands.  Instead of punk mail, it'd be like... punk rail, punkerground railroad, interpunk highway?