times when you have eaten a big amount of food at one time

Started by hatmoose, June 10, 2014, 02:13:09 PM

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Anna Karina


duuuude stoner hangover I call em. I ate a whole bag of hershey kisses last night and im really feeling this morning


There's this all you can eat sushi place in DC and one time I went there and spent like 2 hours eating 50 pieces of sushi. And not just little veggie rolls either, a lot of it was pretty serious sush.


i am a gluttonous bastard in every sense of the word. when i eat cookies i eat the entire fucking box.. whether it be oreos or pecan sandies or whatever.. there really is truth that addiction is a disease that affects the body in all types of ways and isn't about just drugs and alcohol and sex.. i'm a ravenous fiend in every sense of the word
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