my favorite podcast Moral Maze. this is the best episode so far

Started by AaronTheCabe, December 08, 2015, 07:04:18 PM

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the second half is amazing. this was supposed to be a lighter one and delves into some of the things i have mentioned or yelled in recent time on the board

I am aware that I am currently extremely high strung and I apologize

I'd go into it but i think most of experience or are currently experiencing large amounts of work with little pay and ever rising expectations when you do a kick ass jobs.

its like i'm not competing with other stores now, i'm competing against myself.  i started to say more but erased. post is about the maze.

I would like to think everyone who reads this would enjoy it, but even if you don't, its certainly food for thoughts. and even questions myself [and to be silly, the questioning of questioning, but thats more in relation to me and idealology and dogmatism which becomes this huge thing at the end.

moral maze usualluy has 4 people, two at least on the opposite political spectrum but politics, even when discussing political things, is never at the forefront. the fact that is labeled 'religious' in some podcast libraries kinda makes me want to punch someone...

but like i said, kinda high strung, i miss not caring and doing drugs and for that to be the only thing i think and care about...except i don't miss it, which boggles my mind further
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