do i have any legal stand point on this matter

Started by pronetoaccidents, December 03, 2015, 11:02:28 AM

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so i was broke and stole a yogurt from a supermarket a few days ago. yeah, i shouldn't steal it's bad i get it. but my problem is that in the fifteen minutes between when they called the cops and the cops came, 6 guys beat the shit outta me. two held me and one just went to work on my face. then when i was on the floor they kicked me pretty hard in the jaw, temples, ribs.. i'm not really sure because my adrenaline was pumping and i didn't feel anything, except for when he tried to rip out my plug earing which was excruciating and one particular steel toe boot to the solarplex, i didn't notice i had any swelling or pain until about two days later. however, when the cops came (the scene was me on the floor, with 5 guys over me, two stepping on my back, and broken tomato sauce bottles everywhere. i try to tell the cops to check the cameras because i just got the boots put to me heavy style and their response was yoking me up against the wall, putting the cuffs on so tight i still can't feel my thumb. i got hit with petty larceny and got out two days later. i went to the precint to get my belonging and to file a complaint against the company for what they did. they said "my arresting officer wasn't in that day. he had to be to do the complaint".. they've said that every day since. by now whatever footage of the beatdown is obviously erased and it's just the words of a convicted misdemeanor record having punk against the man.

i gotta stop putting myself in stupid positions.
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check youtube and see if any shoppers caught it on their phone.


i imagine you would look like a guy who just got beaten by 5 people. do you have pictures of the aftermath for evidence or whatever? if not, a few days later is probably not enough time to have healed, so maybe take some now.
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yeah i have some cuts and bruises but its mostly internal. bodies sore and i think i have internal bruising (if that's a thing?) because nothings broken or else i'd be unable to get outta bed. but yeah, lemme check youtube that' a good idea and worth a shot.

it was pretty brutal but first time for everything. i suppose worst case scenerio it's poetic justice for bad things i've done in the past (not physical violence but just collective tomfoolerly and junkie business) and i guess you gotta get a good licking a few times in life to remember your alive i guess right?
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Hell yeah you have a legal stand point on this matter, now getting the footage and a great lawyer would be the next step, but I'm sure the footage is "lost"


Quote from: ctmelton83 on December 12, 2015, 10:02:03 AM
Hell yeah you have a legal stand point on this matter, now getting the footage and a great lawyer would be the next step, but I'm sure the footage is "lost"
If he doesn't have enough money for yogurt, I don't think he's going to get any lawyer, let alone a great one.  I'm sorry that this happened to you but if someone were to tell this story and not say who it happened to, I'd guess it was you immediately. I think that you were spot on in the last sentence of your original post.
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