LEMMY,ROLLINS,SLASH,IGGY POP, SLAYER'S TOM ARAY plus more star in silent film

Started by pronetoaccidents, October 15, 2015, 11:21:03 AM

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"You would watch a black-and-white silent film about an evil guitar that stars rock icons Slash, Josh Homme, Lemmy Kilmister, Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Justice, Henry Rollins, Slayer's Tom Araya, Volbeat, Mark Lanegan, Nina Hagen and Jesse Hughes, right? Of course you would, so it's a good thing that Gutterdämmerung, potentially the greatest Halloween movie of all time, exists. We wouldn't just present you with this amazing concept and then leave you hanging, so take a gander at the trailer above."

and the premise?

""The film is set in a world where God has saved the world from sin by taking from mankind the Devil's 'Grail of Sin'.....the Evil Guitar. The Earth has now turned into a puritan world where there is no room for sex, drugs or rock 'n' roll.

From up on high in heaven a "punk-angel", Vicious (portrayed by Iggy Pop), looks upon the world with weary bored eyes. Behind God's back, Vicious sends the Devil's guitar back to earth and sin in all its forms returns to mankind.

An evil puritan priest (Henry Rollins) manipulates a naive girl to retrieve the guitar and destroy it. On her quest to find the Devil's Grail Of Sin, the girl is forced to face the world's most evil rock and roll bastards. Throughout her journey, she has a rival in the form of a rock chick determined to stop her from destroying the instrument

Though lovers be lost love shall not.


This looks sick. Not really a silent film though, yeah? Either way it looks super fun

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang