legitimately how hard is it to move overseas?

Started by lindsey, October 07, 2015, 10:13:09 AM

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I'm starting to get pretty serious about making this happen, I am thinking 5 years from now? I want to move to Scandinavia or the Netherlands most likely. Top choice is Amsterdam because I'm a cliche and also I really don't want to drive and also because I just finished the Letters of Vincent Van Gogh. Alternatively, Canada, which would probably be the easiest but also the most like America, which I am sick to death of. Cost of living has always been the biggest drawback, but I live in Portland, so the comparison is actually pretty equal it seems. Really just want to know how hard it really is, if anyone has done it before? I've seen that they have a tax break if you are a "skilled worker" in Amsterdam at least... Anyone know how open that interpretation is? Tattoo artist is pretty skilled.... but it's not exactly the super techy jobs that most people talking about the tax break have...


i don't know if it's exactly the same the other way around, but i know moving to america if you're an eu citizen is HARD. the main ways that don't involve marrying someone or having a close relative there are studying, or getting a job offer where your employer can state that you would be better at said job than a citizen of that country. for all i know it might be easier the other way around, but i haven't heard about other ways. if i were able to, i would trade you in a second.