albums that get you through the hard times

Started by pronetoaccidents, September 28, 2015, 12:48:44 PM

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Iron and Wine- The Creek Drank the Cradle: The beautiful and haunting instrumentation and melodies aside, I'm not sure why I find this album so comforting. I used to listen to it every night while I laid in bed and tried to fall asleep. Nowadays I put it on when I don't know how I'll put through, when I'm tired of treading water through life and just wanna give up i toss this to myself like a life preserver.

I'll always have a place in my heart for ALK3 even though i got into them later than most. I heard them when I was younger, tony hawk soundtrack (a many a young punks introduction to punk, punk o rama 5 was another big one for me). It was more a time and place and mind frame. some albums I can't help but associate with an entire period of my life, defined by all sorts of things but the music was a unifying theme. I was in a rehab, things weren't going so well in life, i was losing my mind without music, only had the songs in my head to hum so when a buddy loaned me an alkaline trio cd, it was the split with hot water music. it was revelatory. When i'm alone and cold and walking to a bus or something, no matter how miserable I may be their music will hit me right where it needs to.

I listened to OWTH a bunch of times before I really listened to OWTH. it was catchy sure but i heard it as background musically and initially shuffled it away in the Hot water Music/Leatherface/Jawbreaker folder and wasn't interested in another mediocre "oogle" or whatever the fucking word is. It was one winter morning, a bad time in my life, very sad and bitter and lonely and angry and I finally listened to the words, the music, the anger. As cliche an egotostical as it sounds, it was as if it was a concept album written for just me and my life. I grasped it tight and haven't let go since. I don't plan on it.
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I know everyone is getting tired of me saying it but Nirvana. Not at all overrated in my book and great to sit and listen to no matter what mood I was in. I will admit to sitting and crying while listening to Something in The Way. Basically any major punk album from the 90s helped get me through tough times. Most of the Fat/Epitaph catalogue from that time period helped me immensely. Bands like NOFX helped me to smile and rock out when I was feeling down. Bands like Strung Out (Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, Twisted by Design, and Elements of Sonic Defiance all served different purposes based on mood) helped get me up when I was feeling down (Lagwagon-Trashed also served this purpose). I loved Rancid's ...And Out Come the Wolves and Pennywise's About Time, S/T, and Full Circle were classics. Green Day were always good for a pick me up especially when I was down about girls. The Offspring's Smash didn't really help get me through tough times but Ignition did. Smashing Pumkins-Siamese Dream was also helpful. I loved Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains as well. All of those bands had very depressing songs that helped me feel as though someone related to what I was going through.

Music has been something that I have turned to as a coping skill for quite some time. I was a very depressed, borderline suicidal adolescent and I firmly believe if I was not as into music as I was that things would have been a lot worse. If only I would have spent more time playing music rather than doing drugs. It would have saved me and everyone around me a lot of trouble.

Oh! Gotta remember Nine Inch Nails!
Definitely a band that played a big part on my depression soundtrack. Speaking of soundtracks, the Crow soundtrack was the shit.
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Having said that, I'd rather listen to Papa Roach than GG Allin


funny you mentioned something in the way. That is one that make me sob like an orphan.

If I want to escape and pummel myself and force myself not to think I'll put on something of the D-Beat variety or black metal.

If i'm in the misery loves company mood and want to know i'm not the only one hurting it's usually some Peter Stubb

If I want to take the ignorance is bliss and ignore it and shove my feelings under the rug it's sugary pop punk, Ramones worship, that sorta shit.

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mountain goats, bright eyes, elliott smith

my sorrow has not shifted since i was a teen so luckily my comfort music doesn't have to evolve


also the weakerthans holy shit. listened to their music EXCLUSIVELY when i was depressed so now it actually just makes me really sad immediately when i hear it. is that terrible?


I guess music helps you get through the hard times more then anything... even more  than alcohol\drugs..
For my, its those:

Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin

The Stone roses

Dinosaur Jr.

Asaf Avidan and The Mojos

and of course...Placebo

and now when i think about it, not sure it got me through. but this is the music that was the background in those days.
If I Would, Could You?


Bumping neutral milks holland 1945 for me is the equivalent of when someone gets slapped in the face in a movie and told to "get it together for gods sake man!"

And snotty pop punk.. Grumpies, punkin pie, the.vindictives
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^ this is the band from Pete and Pete, right?

Also something about Rain Dogs by Tom Waits really helps me turn my sadness or anger into apathy


Yes, they are that band. They are also the same people who had the band Miracle Legion before Polaris which is really good too.


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also the weakerthans holy shit. listened to their music EXCLUSIVELY when i was depressed so now it actually just makes me really sad immediately when i hear it. is that terrible?

My wife is the same way. So a few years ago, when she was still living at her parent's house, someone accidentally let one of her cats out of the house and it ran away. This was about when "Reunion Tour" was coming out, because I remember she heard "Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure", broke down sobbing, and asked me to delete all of the Weakerthans off her MP3 player so it wouldn't come up on shuffle. She has not listened to them since, even though the overwhelming majority of their songs aren't, you know, about that.