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Started by ramblinrabble, June 13, 2014, 12:54:32 PM

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I wound up adopting a cat.  She came with the name Spirit, which I wasnt a huge fan of at first, but it's grown on me.

Edit:  Sorry for the size.   I resized them once and didnt feel like doing it again.  Enjoy the huge cat face.

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Aww. Loving the cats. How old is Spirit? And when did you adopt her?

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kinda weird how the earth continues to spin on its axis and everything eventually dies even when you don't want it to dang


this is pickle. he had a lion cut a few weeks ago because his hair is so long it gets matted in spring/summer:

and i am currently fostering this little kitty. i am calling her muffin:


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Quote from: skateandannoy on June 13, 2014, 01:07:13 PM
Aww. Loving the cats. How old is Spirit? And when did you adopt her?

Adopted her about a month or so ago, shes two.
Heres a picture of her in a sink

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my cat who passed away about two months ago

i have a leopard gecko

and my dog
i love sharks and Godzilla


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CAROL!!! Always more Carol.

Haha Carol is classic cat!


this is Lucyfur:

& this is Rodney Ruxin, people call him Ruxin:


Haha, Amanda, that was the best Pokey placement -- elegant cat, regal cat, lion cat, cat cat cat, HEDGEHOG.

Here are my rattie-patties!




Ahhhh, I'm seriously considering getting a rat! I'm scared to get one though because of this adorable creature:

Her name is Bernie and she's 6 years old and the bessttt.


ahhh i would love to have rats again. those lil rat faces make me cry with joy and love.

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Sorry, I've been in a picture (Instagram) kinda mood lately.

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This is Tino. He is not mine, but I babysit him once or twice a week. I love him so much.


These aren't technically my kittehs, they're belong to one of the people I live with but she's not around half the time so I pretty much take care of them. They are called Safran (supposedly named after the author, not the spice) and Sniff (named after the scared rat-dude from Moomin since she's so scared of everything)

And here's me giving Safran Cat Massage

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This is my sweet and beautiful kitty Yrja, she's around a year old and I adopted her about three months ago

And here's Oliver, he was the best cat ever but he passed away in March.



This is Hank (Hill or Williams). He didn't get me anything for father's day but I love the shit out of him anyway.  He's my boy.  He's got fucked up teeth and they're adorable.